How can you leverage digital marketing for your startup?

May 13, 2017 Poornima Laxmeshwar 0

Digital marketing is the essence of the survival for any business in today’s world. The ability to reach out and explore has increased with the availability of digital marketing strategies. The power of social media is unmatched and every other woman entrepreneur is unleashing the true potential for business sustainability […]

Social media as a marketing tool

July 27, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

Social media helps in providing value to customers and effectively managing relationships to benefit a company and its stakeholders By Surekha Pendse For business, social media has become omnipresent as the consumers are ever present on various social media platforms and it is an easier way to connect with them. Technology […]

Startup versus Entrepreneurship – a debate

July 22, 2016 Editor StarsofStartups 0

By Shridhar Bhagwat For many a discerning people, both the terms startups and entrepreneurs are confusing and according to most, there is no difference between them. However, there is subtle difference that only the knowledgeable can make out. Startups could be anything new, small, innovative — today’s buzz world — […]

How startups can gain from social media

July 6, 2016 admin 0

Tips for how startups can use social media for promoting their business, a look at how social networks can augment HR functions By Surekha Pendse Do businesses really understand the scope of social media? Do entrepreneurs realize what social media can do for their businesses? Do startups use social media […]

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