ToI: How this startup is striving to save the innocence!

In today’s date when the world is so full of despair, Treasures of Innocence (ToI) has proven to be made from a different cut of cloth. The start-up wears its heart over the sleeve and works for children who have lived in conditions that they don’t deserve to and neither where they belong in. The team of SoS unraveled some very interesting things during our conversation with Rani Bhowani, Founder of ToI.

How it began?

In a materialistic world, there are minds that doesn’t require the materialistic pleasures. All they require is wings to fly. They have lived in appalling conditions and seen the worst life being exploited in all forms. In June 2013, a non-profit organization, Treasures of Innocence walked this journey of igniting such minds and the thought of coloring their lives drew the team together. It aims at creating leaders of tomorrow with innovation and creativity. It is an initiative to instill in a child the confidence to rise above all.

Founder, Rani Bhowani
Founder, Rani Bhowani

The name Treasures of Innocence strikes a spark and when we asked the Founder why they chose this name, this is what she had to say.

“When we read the word ‘Childhood’, the first thing that strikes is the innocence of a child. All the children, be it the one who rings your doorbell and runs or the one who is always ready with a football, meet mid-way. That is their inquisitive innocent mind. The urge to ask a simple yet powerful question develops the creativity of such minds thereby being the most precious “Treasures of Innocence”.”

ToI has been working with numerous orphanages, shelter homes, schools, slum and village children. It has been following a TIAL framework that urges a child to:

  • (T)HINK about the problem
  • (I)DEATE that is to find a solution to it
  • (A)CT out the innovative idea
  • (L)EAD a mass towards out of the box thinking

ToI aims to bridge the gap between the conventional teaching of a theoretical subject and practically implementing them to solve day to day problems.

The best part here is the share of fun that the children get to enjoy. Children seem to be very enthusiastic when it comes to doing ToI classes not only because of the light-hearted teaching techniques but also because they learn intriguing things they can relate to. They are not limited to the textbook instead learn experience. It has not only made them realize the importance of education, but made them responsible with the sense of their surrounding creating a platform for out of the box thinking.


And all this has not gone without being noticed. ToI has received appreciation from every institution where they are passionately teaching the children to bring out their creative power. Children are encouraged to think in a newer way. Through their guidance and training children have given wings to their imagination, they have written wonderful stories, which got published and appreciated at national and international level. It has given a tremendous boost for future endeavors of the ToI team.

ToI also has plans to reach out new horizons and not restrict itself to try new options. Apparently, ToI is running creativity-based learning with children coming from challenging backgrounds. It has planned to organise an event of Catch Them Young Megaquiz and an Art Exhibition in January 2017. Already it has started working in village areas of West Bengal and intent to extend its activities in different parts of West Bengal and outside if it would get necessary financial and other supports. A children library has been inaugurated in recent times in the village of Sherpur, East Midnapur as a part of a campaign set up to cover rural sections. ToI is also trying to engage women from challenging backgrounds into creative work and craft making for livelihood and empowering women liberty.

So if you are about how you can contribute to this startup who works out of sheer passion and commitment, here it is. Corporate companies are most welcome to donate their desired share. Students, professionals, home makers, and retired persons are keen enough to do social work and make world a better place are free to Volunteer. One can easily look up for other details related to the donation on our website

At last we asked the Founder if she had a message for the readers and here is what she said, “ToI is working for the empowerment and to uplift the children and youth facing hardship in life. It has been working for a good cause and one can always take out a little time from their busy schedule to participate in such cause. You can simply message us on Facebook or email us on the given id. High time you be the change you want to see. Let us join and work together for a ‘Better World’.”

We wish a lot more success to the team of ToI and hope that they get all the support to take it forward.

— Team SoS

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