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When a student from a village, deep inside and away from the glamour of the city,
wore a pair of bright red shoes to the college, he did not realize, that 120 other fellow
college mates, will also be wearing the same.
There is a huge gap that exists today, between the, rural and the urban areas of
india. While the former is striding towards smart cities, the later lacks basic amenities
and products, largely due to lack of connectivity, language barriers and lack of
This is where Store King steps in. A Bangalore based start-up, founded in 2012,
works to bridge the gap between the urban and the rural market, by being the
technology point of contact for the rural market. A technology enabled distribution
platform, Store king with over 47000 stores across 10 states, allows the people of
rural india, to fulfil their dreams of owning products, which are only otherwise limited
to their television screens. Store king partners with retailers in villages, and enables
them to collect orders from the people, which in turn are fulfilled, within 48 hours.
Store king operates a fulfillment centre and handles end–to-end logistics, which
includes delivering and reverse logistics to and from 2,800 odd small towns.

StoreKing bridges the gap where the contemporary e-commerce companies miss
out. They’ve even captured data points to analyse customer consumption behavior
and rural demand to predict demand, and in turn help retailers to sell more relevant

products to their walk-in customers. Today, established players like Amazon and
Xiaomi are partnering with StoreKing to achieve engagement with rural customers.
This engagement includes building experience zones for these brands in rural India.

With the penetration of DTH increasing in rural markets, people in rural areas, are
viewing the same advertisements, as their counterpart in urban areas. Hence, their
aspirations are rising. Hence, smartphones, televisions and home appliances are
fast growing categories.
According to the founder, Mr. Sridhar Gundaiah, the idea is to become a
powerhouse of rural data and emphasise the usage of consumption data to power
the supply, and be present in all 650,000 villages of rural India. They plan to expand
their reach to 100,000 touch points over the next 10-12 months. Store king also
aspires to plug the gap of financial services by offering consumers to transact and
invest in insurance, mutual funds and many other products in coming years. He said,
“We see financial services as our next big foray, as there is tremendous untapped
potential in the rural markets and the space is ripe for disruption,”
As the rural market is huge and also an untouched area of the Indian market, Store
king, has got a huge opportunity to capture the rural market data, and become the
face of the Indian rural market in the future.

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