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Being an entrepreneur is a no-easy job and we all agree to this. What if there was a program that could actually teach you how to become one? A program that could connect you with various other business minds, mentors who will become a key network and a community that you can always go back to for business purposes. The Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is a highly selective, global, world-class training program and lifelong global network for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become startup CEOs.

The Startup Leadership Program (SLP) was founded in Boston in 2006 and is a highly selective, 80-hour, 6-month world-class training education program and lifetime peer-to-peer and mentor network for outstanding founders & innovators.

SLP runs in 26 cities in 12 countries, and bring 25-35 entrepreneurs in each city every year. The Fellows are connected to a global network and get to know other Fellows, attend classes and pitch in demo days all over the world.

The program comes with a fixed curriculum that runs for six months long with 10 classes in total. Classes in India are day-long classes. All classes in India are held on Saturdays (9 am-5 PM) The program begins by September 15 and ends on March 15.

2,200 Fellows including more than 500 women, have founded more than 1000 companies that have raised more than $500 million, and include breakthrough and award-winning startups like BrightBytes, Gray Orange Robotics, ixigo, Grabhouse, Micello, Momelan, NatureBox, Novira, Runkeeper, Savored, Shareaholic and Ubersense. 45 startups in the program have been acquired – by Facebook, Groupon, Johnson & Johnson, AirBnB, Snapdeal and other leading companies.

“We choose entrepreneurs, not startups, and are complementary to the world leading accelerators & incubators. Our Fellows have also been a part of world-leading programs such as TechStars, Seedcamp, Excelerate, Rock Health, BluePrint Health, Azure Accelerator, as well as been funded by the world’s leading venture capital funds.

We are a not for profit with a simple mission. We help you for just the cost of being in our program. We take no equity. But we ask you to make one promise: that you will use your knowledge, wealth or resources to help those who cannot help themselves in your lifetime.”, says Santosh Kumar, Program Leader.


Around 15 – 25 Fellows are included in each chapter. The admit rate averages between 20-30% in past years. The application can be submitted in any of the below-mentioned languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur who is willing to learn the strings of business that is based on practicality and not plain theory, click here.

What are the expectations?

Paying it forward: 20 hours of your time

The passion for the Fellows for SLP comes from the principles of being equal stakeholders in the Program as those who started it. The team stays inspired by John Wood (Author of Room to Read: Why I left Microsoft to change the world) who was able to ignite real pride and passion from villagers who built the school. Due to this, everyone in the program gives 20 hours of the time to help run the program over the six months by volunteering for one or more activities such as helping to run a simulation, build or run a class, blog about a speaker, hold a social or organize brainstorming and feedback sessions for Fellows. There is no full-time staff, so everything that is done by the Program Teams is with the support of peer Fellows. This builds the sort of passion and sense of ownership that the Fellows have for the Program.


It is understood that you may get busy, and at times may not be able to make a class. Though most successful Fellows are juggling job, classes, family and fundraising, they somehow make it not only work but also find time to give advice to other Fellows on their startups. The friendships and networks built are also incredibly important. Due to all this, attendance mandatory. If you miss more than two events without a valid reason, you may be asked to leave the program – if we don’t think you are contributing to the Program or the Network. So please carefully consider the time commitment carefully before submitting your application. It’s only 60 hours in total, but do think it could be transformational. So your commitment simply matters the most.

— Team SoS

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