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The growing digital space has placed content at a critical point that cannot be missed. But the magic of using the right words does not come to each one of us. It needs a bit of talent, a great deal of understanding and the ability to translate and weave ideas into a rich imagery of words. MyStyle Communications is one such firm that reaches out individuals looking for quality content and bridges the gap between the need for creative content by offering an extensive range of content forms. Team SoS spoke to the Founder, Sujyothi Prasad and found some interesting facts.

MyStyle Communications is a Content Writing and a Social Media Marketing firm that creates content for Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Brochures and Company profiles. Started in 2015 by Sujyothi she quotes, “I have worked in various places from Media houses to Event Management Institutes. Although all my jobs were great and gave me a lot of satisfaction, somewhere there was this constraint of abiding by someone else’s whims and fancies, yet not getting credit for working so hard. That’s when I decided that I will change that for myself and will also do that for my team!”

Interestingly, apart from excellent pricing what makes this firm stand out is the fact that the team is full of mothers. Sujyothi consciously hires mothers who want to create a niche for themselves by writing exceptional content. This is an act of complete empowerment that goes beyond words. Building the right business model was the top priority and a lot of focus and energy has been channelized towards it since the initial days which makes the firm self-efficient financially.

When asked about the future goals she says, “My goal is to have a network of at least 50 women from across the globe working for MyStyle from various genres.”

She adds that time has been her challenge, given the known fact that she has to juggle both her worlds, professional and personal, equally well. She also believes that success is a never ending journey and her ability to network is her prime magic mantra. Her sense of pride comes from the realisation that the quality content that they offer help other businesses succeed and reach out better. This also is her inspiration to achieve more and be more.

When we asked what she wants to communicate to budding entrepreneurs, “Expect the unexpected but be consistent. DO NOT QUIT!” On her journey as a woman entrepreneur, she ends up saying, “Being a woman is a blessing!! It paves way most times and women are given advantages! At the same time, safety is a concern and hence meeting people in public places like coffee shops is the best option if you do not have an office space.”

— Team SoS

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