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When we think of accessories our minds take a deep dive and imagines fine jewellery, clutches, glares and so on. The list is simply endless. But finding out a suitable piece of accessory for every different outfit is tough. This problem is addressed by this fashion startup Desi Panache. What is different in this startup is that it makes global designs available for locals and at an affordable price. When Team SoS spoke to the Co-founder Sandhya Kaushik, we found some interesting plans.

Sandhya & Kaushik, Co-founders

Desi Panache aims to be essentially a one- stop shop for fashion accessories and it is the huge gap for western fashion items that pushed this startup to enter this niche segment. The startup is into apparel add-ons, handbags, fashion jewellery, accessories, to name a few. It is an operational pan-India brand currently located in Gujarat, Punjab and Karnataka. The business is currently bootstrapped with a focus to expand to more cities and scale up operation over time.

When our team asked Sandhya what differentiated her business, she says, “Our take on fashion is completely unique, where we curate world fashion to the Indian palette and we believe in quality and design being our main marketing strategy. We have developed a unique, high-value product mix.”

The startup has participated in several fashion and lifestyle events gaining brand awareness. Desi Panache is looking at more expansion pan-India offline and also online formats, and are in talks with a few investors for the same. It is also aiming to achieve more by using brand loyalty exercises.

Sandhya says, “Being bootstrapped, our challenges have been quite a lot. Right from structuring the teams to products to management, all of them have been uniquely difficult.”

But she also adds that with determination, ability to face uncertainty, creativity, risk taking ability and leadership, the brand will overcome all of the challenges and flourish. The need to succeed and sustained value addition keeps pushing this woman entrepreneur who is here is mark her difference. When we asked her what she wants to pass as a message to the readers and the budding entrepreneurs she says, “Stick to and live your dream! Nothing is impossible!”

— Team SoS

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