Health problems are common these days irrespective of the age group. In recent times, it has been taken seriously by people and it is now a trend to stay healthy and fit. But in our busy lives, we tend to sacrifice our health and opt for shortcuts which prove to be unhealthy for us. This not only affects our health adversely, but also on our mental health. A lot of times, we think of working out and leaving behind all our bad eating habits. But not all of us succeed in doing these in the long term, whereas many of us are too lazy to take the initiative to adopt healthy habits in the first place! We are too lazy to get rid of the cosy bed or our favourite couch.

Mukesh Bansal (Myntra co-founder) and Ankit Nagori (senior Flipkart executive) identified this problem, and started their venture, in 2016. They aimed to help people in leading a healthy lifestyle by providing them the right food, looking after their physical fitness, mental well-being and primary healthcare, through one single platform. This platform has four verticals which together, look after the well- being of their consumers; looks after the physical well-being, takes care of the mental well-being, is dedicated towards healthy eating and, which is currently being worked upon, will be providing personalised healthcare solutions. It will be providing medical diagnosis at the centres and at the users’ homes, consultation with doctors at clinics and over the phone (tele-medicine) treatment, and delivery of medicines. The company, uses both online and offline channels to provide its preventive healthcare philosophy with the help of engagement, coaching and delivery, and this is what differentiates it from the rest of the players in the market. The company uses complex technology and prioritize customer service in order to meet their objective, to help in making people stay healthy.

They provide online services with the help of their app, and use technology to solve problems, while also ensuring timely and efficient execution, along with customer delight. “There’s plenty of intelligence going into every aspect of the app”, says Ankit Gupta, Engineering Lead at Demand prediction for orders, menu programming and food delivery management at, for instance, all machine-driven. Complex technology is developed and implemented by the team in-house, which allocates an optimal number of orders to its transport fleet to ensure on-time delivery.

In case of and, the day-to-day operations are machine driven too, like scheduling classes, allocating trainers for 400 classes every day in 10 exercise formats across approximately 75 different centres in three cities including Bengaluru, New Delhi and Gurugram. Customer feedback is taken via the mobile app, and their preferences, class schedules etc. are visible to the trainers, who have their own app to check these.

The locations to be selected for the centres is also machine-driven. Several hundred data points are analysed by it, including the type of locality, width of the approach road to the centre, other facilities available in the neighbourhood, etc. All of these are developed in-house.

Nitin Agarwal, Engineering Lead, expressed “We mine over 600,000 data points to come up with the schedule of just one centre!” The reason behind the engineering team at being so strong is that it includes people who have previously worked the likes of Google, Walmart Labs, Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart, among others.

In their app, provides Do It Yourself (DIY) content such as workout videos and meditation sessions that users can download and follow, as per their convenience. is also currently working on wearable tech and a variety of smart health devices to help the users in continuous heath improvement and tracking.

Mukesh Bansal said, “Over the next years, we can impact over 100 million people in the country”. Good health is now just an app download away, because of this venture. The company aims to grow the number of centres available currently, to over 500 in the next 3 years.The app is being constantly refined by professionals who are equally passionate about what they develop, as well as health and wellness.

The total funding of the company as of July, 2018 is $170 million. The company aims to use these funds to strengthen its technology platform by offering AI- driven health planning, create its own fitness devices and will also look to expand to newer markets, such as in South-West Asia in 12-15 months.

This rapidly expanding company has attracted Shamik Sharma as its head of technology Naresh Krishnaswamy as the head of sales and marketing. Shamik is the former chief technology officer in Myntra, and Naresh is the former executive in Myntra.

The customer value that provides is unique. Looking at the customer centric approach of the company and the strong team it has, we can easily say that it will reach great heights in the future and help in making India a lot healthier.


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