“3D Printing is the future baby” says this startup ScratchStart Inc


This startup combines passion and technology together to offer outstanding products to the customers. Read our interview with the Founder of the startup, Sai Sandesh Makam and know it all. Our Team SoS wishes this startup a great deal of success in the coming years.

SoS: Share with us your business idea and why you chose this specific business to be an entrepreneur.

Sai: My business is called EDEM.3DEM and is into 3D Modelling and Additive Manufacturing or commonly known as 3D Printing. I chose this business because of its application which requires creativity and strategizing. 3D printing has been known to the world of manufacturing for a very long time. Prototyping is a major service provided. Until very recently, many companies started adopting this process to make consumer products.

Using the creative strength my team had we started out making consumer products. We are the first ones to start so in India.

SoS: What kind of products do you offer to your clients and list out the key milestones of your business?

Sai: We offer two services, 3D Modelling and 3D Printing. 3D printing has two aspects to it: One is prototyping which we do for industries into the product and mechanical parts and Second is, is consumer products. We make many products using this technology for consumers. We make key chains, Photo frames, table tops, pen stands, mobile stands, dog tags and many others. We also have our own products.

Key milestones would be:

  • We have made many prototypes for start-ups who have been funded very big and have been using our prototypes to make their products or services better.
  • We have created a unique strategy through our service and products which are something only we do in entire India using this industry.
  • We have created many utility customized products which our customers love and do not find anywhere else.
  • We have been catering to major industries since past 2 years for their prototyping requirements.

SoS: What makes your business unique and how do you define your marketing strategies?

Sai: The only point that our MOQ is 1 for any product is what makes us completely unique. And any product can be customized to our customer’s requirement. They can choose color and content as per their wish for every product they order! The product list we have and the rate of customization we offer is very hard to find and that makes us one stop shop for gifting solutions as well.
We let word of mouth do its best work for us in sense of marketing. We also choose Social media as our prime tool of advertising like Facebook and Instagram. We make sure our marketing strategies are aligned with the services and products we offer. We make sure they acustomer-centricric over company centric!  We always keep our customers in mind before we design a new product!

SoS: What financial plans have you thought of to grow or expand your business?

Sai: Our plan is to make sure 3D Printing is known and people are aware of it so that they can bridge their problems to solutions with 3D Printing. We would like to grow organically and not run as it is an infant industry and still needs a lot of time to grow in our country. So our financial plan is to bootstrap and let it grow organically until we can reach a stage where infusion could happen.

SoS: Is your business bootstrapped or funded?

Sai: Our business is bootstrapped.

SoS: What are the plans for your business in the coming future?

Sai: Our plan is to make sure we focus more on making unique products and offer prototyping services to many industries and make sure 3D Printing is the most sought after service for new products.

SoS: What have been your challenges and the obstacles continuously in your entrepreneurial journey?

Just like many have, I too have faced many challenges and obstacles in my journey. The most important ones have always taught me a lot of things. My biggest challenge is that to make sure that I keep going through it all for the people who believed in me. Getting funded by my father to start off the business will always put a good pressure on my head to not lose way. My biggest obstacle is when I had to change my complete business after my partner and I went separate ways. Dealing with obstacle is when I stumbled upon 3D Printing. Till day, I cannot be happy that those events took place.

SoS: What have been the key ingredients that made your entrepreneurial dream a success?

Sai: My belief, Confidence, Positivity, Go Get it attitude, my strongest tower; My family and last but not the least, my team mate, Sreenath CN who is the head of product in my company and who handles everything like a champ!! He has surely made EDEM what it is today!

SoS: Who has been your greatest inspiration and the source of your strength?

Sai: My father is my greatest inspiration. My source of strength comes from my close friends, family and myself!

SoS: What would you want to convey to the budding entrepreneurs?

Sai: It’s easy to give up! It’s easier to let things go and just stop. But when you do, just remember why you started! Remember what you wanted to be when you started! If that belief is not enough then do what your heart says. But always remember why you started something if you decide to end it! ALWAYS!

— Team SoS

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