India is the first country to make corporate social responsibility compulsory. Although it does not
apply to all the organisations, but it has gained a lot of importance in the recent times. As per
the amended Company Act, 2013, business can invest their profits in areas such as education,
poverty, gender equality and hunger. This has been taken seriously by multiple organizations
including Tata Chemicals Ltd, UltraTech Cement Ltd, Coca- Cola India Pvt. Ltd and many
others. Along with CSR, businesses nowadays aim to achieve sustainability often times more
than profitability; profitability can be short lived whereas sustainability focuses on the long term survival of businesses. The various famous organizations club CSR and sustainability together and work on such numerous projects. The entire procedure of planning and executing a plan is undoubtedly not as simple as it seems. But what is more difficult, is to measure the progress and effectiveness of such plans or projects. How do businesses keep track of all such projects? How many of them succeed and how many fail? If a project fails, how will they find out where they went wrong? In spite of all the hard work and analysis, it is possible for a project to fail. Now imagine, what if there was someone who assisted businesses to achieve their most ambitious CSR and sustainability goals? How much of the work load would it reduce? Well, Goodera is one such start-up which does that! Goodera, which is being used globally by corporations, foundations, governments and non-profit organizations, possesses strong domain expertise in helping organizations to fulfil their CSR and sustainability goals. They do this in a simple, transparent, measurable and engaging manner. This company ensures that there is a proper flow of capital and information, while also engaging stakeholders effectively. It also focuses on spending more time on strategic work. They automate the processes of other organisations, manage grant requests, collect data from the ground on a real time basis, hence, making them more efficient. It also enables them to know the health and progress of their CSR and sustainability projects at a click of a button, and understand the impact on beneficiaries at the last mile in real time. In addition to these, Goodera engages the employees, investors, customers and other stakeholders of the other organizations in volunteering activities across the globe. It further showcases data driven stories of change with quantified impact. As of now, the company has contributed to a capital development of $150 million, has gathered $6 million beneficiaries, helped over 150 corporates and over 40,000 non-profit organizations in 30 countries altogether. Goodera provides a single platform that helps others to collect and analyse data from across the world in local languages, helps them understand impact at the last mile in real time and provides dashboards for reporting to all the stakeholders, in order to make their CSR and sustainability projects successful worldwide. It uses API integration, is cloud based and web, mobile and voice enabled. This start-up has won two awards as of now; MIT Mint Top Innovators Under 35 and Forbes 30 Under 30 (India). Goodera was founded in 2014 by BITS Pilani alumni Abhishek Humbad and Richa Bajpai with an intention to provide companies engaging in CSR activities a platform to quantify the measure of impact created through their programmes. As per Richa, CSR activities need to go beyond a quarterly report email with a picture of a poor child to answering real questions such as where the money was spent and how effectively a programme was helping beneficiaries.” The co- founder of Nexus Venture Partners, Naren Gupta, has joined the Goodera board in June, 2017.
With the rising importance of performing activities which benefit the society and sustaining in the industry, businesses should make use of an innovative technology platform like Goodera which enables them to measure and optimise their CSR and sustainability in a simple, transparent and engaging manner.

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