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  1. Budget 2017: A hit or a miss for entrepreneurship in India? Startups respond

The biggest day on India’s policy calendar had a slew of announcements directed at the middle class and the rural sector, but few that shone a spotlight on the burgeoning startup ecosystem in India. India’s payment industry, however, has much to cheer about with the proposed regulatory board under RBI, allowing for more representation from industry experts in finalizing policies for digital payments in India.

Although direct cash handouts were few and far between for the startup community in this year’s Budget, a striking announcement has come in the form of tax breaks for companies operating as emerging businesses in India.

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  1. This 19-year-old Londoner has created a chatbot that provides free legal aid to the homeless

Chatbots these days have become quite popular and entertaining. Google Allo, for example, is known for its witty responses and humorous suggestions. Revolutionising the entire concept, 19-year-old Joshua Browder from London introduced his masterpiece DoNotPay, which consolidated the parking ticket system in England. Joshua, who has been the recipient of numerous parking tickets, was 18 years old when he got this idea. DoNotPay has 1,75,000 active users and has allowed vehicle users in London and New York to save around $5 million.


  1. com Raises Seed Capital from Mumbai Angels has raised seed capital from Mumbai Angels. Marquee Investor Mr. Praveen Dubey also participated in the Pre – Seed Round in his individual capacity. aims to be the single ‘go- to’ portal for the registration process of all necessary yet problematic government documentation processes by taking them online for a major part of the process, resulting in scale and recurring revenue. It aims to expand Pan India and is currently concentrated in Delhi NCR.

The Indian marriage registration market alone adds business worth $1 billion every year to the existing $15 billion market.


  1. Fintech Startup SlicePay Acquires Trustio, A P2P Lending Platform for College Students

SlicePay, a Buy Now Pay Later fintech startup which enables college students to avail everyday products and services at flexible monthly payments has acquired Trustio, a New Delhi based P2P lending company giving alumni-backed loans to students and recent graduates, which was backed by Axilor Ventures and Zostel CEO Dharamveer Singh Chouhan. This is an all equity deal and the founders of Trustio will be joining the core team at SlicePay. This is SlicePay’s first acquisition in the market, done to enhance its team strength, product capabilities and enrich its data science driven risk engine with a broader aim to build an infrastructure that can support the rapid 18% WoW growth it is seeing since the last 2 quarters.


  1. Saavn Launches Programmatic Audio Advertising for Mobile Devices, Partners With AdsWizz and Omnicom Media Group

Saavn today announced the launch of programmatic audio advertising in India, the newest addition to Saavn’s extensive suite of advertising technology offerings. This groundbreaking new platform, created in partnership with AdsWizz, automates the real-time buying, targeting, optimization, and reporting of audio ad inventory into a few simple steps. Major brands across India, including Saavn’s current base of over 250 advertisers, can now use relevant data to significantly simplify the process to access and communicate with Saavn’s 20 million unique listeners.


  1. Uber to continue pool services, claims they’re legal — transport commissioner says otherwise

If MK Aiyappa, Transport Commissioner, Karnataka, has his way, uberPOOL and Ola Share will have to stop their services by this Friday. The cab aggregators, however, are in no mood to give up. Uber, in a press conference in Bengaluru, stated that their share services aren’t illegal and that they will be talking to the transport department.


  1. Fyers Thematic Investing – The Future Of Investing In Indian Stock Markets?

Imagine if investing in stock markets was as easy as ordering food from swiggy! That’s right, FYERS is a fintech stockbroker that has launched a very unique menu driven investing platform which allows people to invest in intelligent themes. Unlike traditional investing which requires a lot of time and research, you only require a few minutes using Fyers Thematic Investing platform.


  1. India’s Cyber Security Startups Are Gaining Traction, Thanks To Demonetization

A push towards digital economy (otherwise known as demonetization) by the Indian government is changing the way businesses and governments are run in the country. However, at the same time, these recent changes are creating vulnerabilities by moving processes online, resulting in an increased incidence of cyber-attacks among enterprises in India.

Further contributing to the problem is a lack of understanding among most Indians on how dangerous hacking can be to the reputation of an enterprise. According to various sources, between 2011 and 2015, there has been around 300% increase in reported cybercrimes among enterprises; the actual numbers though could be higher.


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