TracXpress aims to be the ‘Single Platform for Distribution Services’

'We aim to digitalize logistic distribution from common man to traders' says Suranjan Mallick, CEO

TracXpress  started as a thought in Suranjan Mallick’s mind way back in 2008, during his employment with a IT firm, where he was heading the zonal commercial and logistics function.  The need was to  have a single platform providing all distribution services.  His organization needs could not be met by just fulfilling project centric requirements.  There was also a certain level of exploitation by the organization depending on certain service providers only, thereby leading to unwanted increase in cost and synchronization.

Suranjan Mallick, CEO of TracXpress Distributions Solutions

With a zeal to do something better the idea to have “One stop solution” for all logistics and SCM needs in an organization, with optimized cost and zero dependency, In 2009 he quit his job and started his Entrepreneur journey in search for the solution.  But this dream did not take shape even after undergoing all entrepreneurial hindrances and successfully running a domestic and international freight management and port services venture for 3 years.

In 2012 he accidentally met a techie ( Sandeep Kumar Singh) and both connected closely on their common desire and dedication to change the way things are in the logistic world, which would not only better services but a seamless platform to connect and execute. Sandeep Kumar Singh is now the CTO of this organization. They together conceptualized the product , identified the loopholes, criticality and constraints, evolving multiple scenarios, usecases, and solutions.

Shridhar Bhagwat, CCO, TracXpress Distribution Solutions

In the year 2014, after almost 2 years running around, they came across Shridhar Bhagwat who shared the same zeal to create an enterprise which espoused a similar dream. He came with experience in strategic planning, project executional skills and tremendous people and process orientation. The duo was overwhelmed on having someone finally as CCO who can support the execution of their dream project.

In the course of 2015, the team met many times.  Finally TracXpress took shape of a legal entity and the journey started. Today this is a team supported by top indus

” The journey has just began, and there are many miles to go. We welcome opportunities with confidence to showcase our credentials as a innovative and trusted SCM partner.  We are confident to achieve our dreams and goals’, says Suranjan Mallick, CEO of TracXpress Distribution Solutions Pvt Ltd.,

TracXpress Distribution Solutions Pvt Ltd., is a Chennai-headquartered pan-global distribution solutions provider.  TracXpress is launching its first product ‘’, which aims to  digitalize logistic distribution from common man to traders.


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