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According to statistics, it is estimated that China valve production will reach 8.3 million tons in 2019, the chemical, energy & power and oil & gas industries are the most important markets for valve sales, accounting for 25.70%, 20.10% and 14.70% of the valve market respectively, totaling 60.50%.
The Distribution of Industrial Valves Market

At the same time, benefiting from the following factors, China valve production capacity will continue to grow in the next five years (2019-2023), with an average annual growth rate of about 3.02%. It is estimated that China valve production will reach 9.35 million tons in 2023.
China's valve production statistics and forecasts
1. Nuclear power planning drives the market demand for nuclear power valves.

As a clean energy source, with the development of nuclear power technology, the safety and economy have been improved, the nuclear power has gradually been recognized. Nuclear power valves are the most used equipment in nuclear power projects. With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for nuclear power valves will continue to expand.

2, Petrochemical valves, Cryogenic valves have broad market demands

China's petroleum and petrochemical industry is developing towards large-scale and large-scale development. It will continue to maintain sustainable development in the next five years. Several dozens of 10-million-ton refinery units and millions of tons of ethylene plants in China are facing new construction and renovation. The petrochemical industry is facing transformation and upgrading, such as hydrogenation and upgrading, three waste recycling and other energy conservation and environmental protection projects, becoming a new market space for petrochemical valves, flanges and forgings.

At the same time, with the promotion and application of clean energy, the popularization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be further emphasized, and the demand for Cryogenic valves will also increase significantly.

3. The mid-end industrial valve market is relatively mature

Some Chinese valve companies are relatively mature in production technology and production technology, and have established relatively stable cooperative relations with many international customers. The production level of valves has been greatly improved, and the output of valves has also increased substantially. The valve market occupies a more important position and has a certain growth base.