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India’s medical devices startups grabbing the world’s attention

These startups promise to make lifesaving medical technology more accessible in a country where quality and affordable healthcare is scarce, especially in any place that’s not a major city. They are giving the global players a run for their money….

Indian Employability Industry and Opportunities for Startups

Nearly 4+ million students graduating from engineering and management colleges alone, every year, in India. However, the employability quotient has always been a cause of concern….

India’s new online FDI policy may stifle our startup revolution

Several conditions have been attached to the policy that smack of regressive protectionism. Typically, FDI ushers in competition in an industry to aid consumers, provides capital that fuels growth and jobs and brings in new technology….

10 Alcohol Startups high on funding

While India is yet to catch up, the on-demand alcohol delivery startup ecosystem is buzzing with news. VCs are backing whacky startups like liquor delivery services, robotic bartenders, and smartphone breathalyzers….

For startups, the last bastion of freedom just fell

Until now, the government had never attempted to comprehensively define “e-commerce” or “e-commerce marketplaces”. However, with frothy valuations and turbo-charged unicorns growing in their midst, you figure they thought they had better tackle the sector head on….

Flipkart acquires PhonePe to strengthen payments business

The acquisition of PhonePe is in-line with Flipkart’s focus on driving innovation on the payments front. Payments has been one of the biggest hurdles for mass adoption of online shopping in India.



Global startup Slack unveils Asia-Pacific HQ in Melbourne

Slack has officially opened its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne, marking an “important milestone” in the journey of the $US3 billion global startup and a “proud day” for the Australian ecosystem….

Armed with $2m promise, CallFixie wants to change service standards in India
The startup offers on-demand house servicing by bringing together tradesmen and end users, and charging a commission from each job done….
Singapore sets up fintech office for startups

The Singapore government is launching a dedicated office designed to help fintech startups set up in Singapore. The office will be a one-stop service for fintech startups and will be part of the SG-Innovate initiative to promote itself as the leading fintech hub in Asia….

Federal bank regulators eye financial tech firms

US Comptroller of the Currency is considering establishing an office of innovation in Washington that could, among other things, speed up the vetting of new tech-driven financial products….
British Business Bank Investments backs new €140m tech fund

Targeted at supporting tech start-ups with global ambitions, the fund will invest in up to 20 different businesses across high growth tech sectors such as cloud, big data, augmented and virtual reality software, robotics, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT)….


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