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We need to get out of the herd mentality for innovation to prosper in India

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HR, not funds, big headache for startups
Fund-raising may have come easy for startups. It’s the people matters that appear to be rather tricky. For some, establishing a unique culture is proving to be tough, while for others it’s about ensuring new hires remain as engaged as those who began their careers at the start of the company’s journey…..

Does competition law affect startups?
Are startups required to know, and ensure compliance with the Competition Act? Absolutely. And why? Because legal scrutiny under the Competition Act involves significant exposure to reputational risks. Moreover, the CCI has been empowered to impose significant penalties on the company and its officials for breaches of the Competition Act….

Top tech buyers to listen to pitches from Indian startups 
After several years of outsourcing software development and maintenance to India’s $160 billion IT industry, big technology customers are starting to leverage India for a different purpose — to meet some of the country’s most innovative startups….

Meet the Startups That Are Changing Healthcare in India 
Earlier the approach was to let patients browse through doctor profiles online and book appointments, and to provide a practice management solution for healthcare providers to manage patient data and digital healthcare records. Today, it’s going global and adding new features such as medicine deliveries, but newer companies are carving out their own unique niches in this space as well….

Silicon Valley’s Fenox VC arrives in India, wants to invest in cutting-edge tech startups 
Investor interest in Indian startups is far from waning. In fact, new players are still betting on the massive market opportunity in the country with 1.3 billion people and 350 million internet users. Silicon Valley-based Fenox Venture Capital is the latest VC entrant in India….

Avaya on the hunt for startups in India
US telecommunication solutions provider Avaya is upbeat on the emerging opportunities in the Indian startups space and looking at startups for acquisitions that could help it strengthen its product portfolio….

Startups Living Local, Vegfru raise seed funding 
Social discovery platform Living Local raised $200,000 as seed funding from Rattan Chadha, former CEO of Mexx clothing company. At present, Living Local is focusing on expanding its presence and designing and launching their app by the end April…..

Investors not keen on e-commerce start-ups 
Youngsters hoping to find investors to fund their start-up ideas like linking the local grocer online or selling vegetables through a smart phone may end up being disappointed. With start-up ideas on a boom, majority of the concepts which the investors are coming across are related to e-commerce…..

Building a Digital India
US enterprise software maker Oracle is very optimistic about the government’s Digital India, Make in India and Startup India initiatives. It also sees bright prospects for its cloud solutions which give governments an opportunity to re-imagine technology as an affordable, operational expense….

Hyderabad to host Asia’s biggest startup conclave  
Germany-based firm DHI Labs announced that Asia’s biggest startup conclave, ‘Impact Chapter’ is all set to begin at HICC in Hyderabad from Wednesday. Impact Chapter is set to feature participation of more than 400 startups and over 50 investors from all across the world….

Tech Startups Snap at the Heels of Asian Private Bankers   
By aggregating all the monthly statements mailed to high net worth individuals on the multiple accounts they hold at different institutions, Singapore startup Mesitis offers clients a single window on their holdings. The private banking industry is only slowly waking up to the demands of a new, tech-savvy generation of wealthy clients and family offices, creating opportunities for financial technology, or fintech, startups….


Indonesia: Top 20 startups receive $336m from foreign investors
Much of the startup boom in Asia has been in China and India, the two biggest markets in the region. Now Indonesia, the largest economy in southeast Asia, is coming up as another attractive centre for startups. Twenty of the largest startups by valuation have received a total of $336 million of foreign investments since investor interest arose last year after the election of a reformist government headed by President Joko Widodo….

1337 Ventures-backed accelerator to invest in 3 Indonesian startups   
Alpha Startups Indonesia, unit of Malaysia’s 1337 Ventures, a Southeast Asian accelerator and early-stage investor, has announced selection of three startups, which will undergo its three-month accelerator program. This marks Malaysia-headquartered 1337 Ventures’ official entry into its fourth Southeast Asian market, in Indonesia. The firm has invested pre-seed money in 23 startups in Malaysia and has expanded its pre-seed portfolio to three other startups in the Philippines…..

What slowdown? Southeast Asia tech investments more than double in Q1
Investors poured US$478.4 million into Southeast Asian startups in the first quarter of the year. That’s more than double what was recorded in the first three months of 2015. That’s also double the US$239.2 million tally last quarter….

Merlin is a collaboration tool for today’s digital nomad marketers 
Merlin, an enterprise software product that lets marketers and advertisers from around the world work together. A project manager can enlist a copywriter from the US, a graphic designer from Indonesia, and an SEO specialist working from a beach in Thailand to complete a contract….

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