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How startups are getting the corner store online
The next wave of e-commerce in India will be driven by millions of small merchants taking their businesses online. A host of startups is helping retailers get a web presence, build their brand and make more money….


Korn Ferry Hay Group launching NextBig100 programme to support 100 Indian startups
The US-based global management consultancy Korn Ferry Hay Group has plans to support 100 startups from India that have potential to grow big. Stephen D Kaye, the CEO of the company, believes that India is emerging big time on the global front and has a magnificent talent pool. The programme will be called the NextBig100 programme, Kaye said the Group will not only support the next big-100 startups in India but would also help them as they go through various growth stages….


E-way to Sound Health 
The e-healthcare services are becoming a boon for many with the emergence of e-Health or m-Health. They are growing at a rapid phase, the e-Health sector in India is worth only Rs 6,000-6,500 crore, according to India Brand Equity Foundation report. It is only a miniscule when compared to the overall Indian healthcare market worth Rs 6.68 lakh crore. It is expected to grow to Rs 18.7 lakh crore by 2020, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9 per cent, according to IBEF report….


A Marriage With Experience: Startups Wooing Top Talent To Help Them Navigate The Growth Maze 
For top executives, helping a startup grow and scale is a thrill. After spending decades honing their skills in their chosen fields, the startup challenge is a big draw for them. Meanwhile, for startup founders, it is nothing short of a boon to land these proven minds and gain from their immense knowledge in the treacherously early stages of their growth. Of course, how much moolah and equity does the startup have to part with in order to land these top hires is another story altogether….


How startups are reaching out to children to seed brand awareness among its future consumers 
Technology and social media are two of the strongest influencers in today’s society. And cashing in are a handful of startups that are attempting to catch them young. However, this attempt to reach out to kids is not only a move to instil social values but also a strategic step to create brand awareness….


Burrp eyes Rs 150 crore revenue by March 2019
Food and restaurant recommendation platform Burrp aims to garner revenues of Rs 150 crore by March 2019 as it expands services like events and offers a more personalized search experience to users.The food-tech company, which competes with the likes of Zomato, is also aiming to facilitate transactions worth Rs 1,000 crore through its platform in the same period….



Singapore start-up trials autonomous drones
A multinational energy services company is launching a pilot project to operate drones that can recharge and transmit data without the use of human handlers, potentially slashing one of the growing costs of the new industry….


Expansion of Charleston’s tech industry creates talent gap 
The so-called talent shortage reflects the growth of the tech sector over the past decade or so in Charleston, where competition for trained help at all levels has been heating up. No single industry is fueling the demand. The region now includes two large publicly traded software companies in Blackbaud Inc. and Benefitfocus Inc. A thriving defense-contracting industry has developed around the high-tech Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic….


Right now tech investors are dog paddling in the ocean, waiting for the next wave 
VCs still have lots of money to invest in startups, and many big companies have a ton of cash to spend on acquisitions, but nobody’s quite sure what to bet on….


26 edtech startups across Southeast Asia with some funding and traction
An influx of venture capital (VC) is certainly going to shake up the current Southeast Asia’s education systemlandscape. With little funding to fall back on, most startups have grown frugally and stayed focused on relatively local problems. VC will let founders think bigger, but it will also increase pressure as startups battle for dominance and profitability….


MDI Ventures Aims for High-Growth Startups in Southeast Asia and Silicon Valley 
MDI Ventures already set up an operational office in Sunnyvalle, California and Jakarta as part of its global outreach. The official launch was aimed to strengthen Telkom’s position as one of Asia’s leading corporate ventures. MDI Ventures is committed to developing a sustainable digital industry ecosystem….

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