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Startups Head to Silicon Valley for NASSCOM Innotrek 2016
The National Association of Software and Services Company 10,000 startup program, a New Delhi-based trade association representing India’s IT services business sector, was scheduled to host its third edition of NASSCOM Innotrek in the San Francisco Bay Area this week, with dozens of startup company leaders expected to speak. Innotrek is a highly competitive “field trip” for 39 selected India-based startup leaders – as part of NASSCOM’s 10,000 Startups initiative to foster entrepreneurship through incubation, funding and support for 10,000 technology startups over a 10-year period.

Tech startups in the East Bay; Google antitrust case has echoes of Microsoft
The European antitrust case against Google has echoes of the case made 15 years ago against Microsoft, with similar implications for the tech industry. While tech giants such as Apple and Uber make a public show of opening new Bay Area headquarters, Palantir Technologies – a software company known for mining confidential data for the National Security Agency, FBI and CIA – is leasing building after building in Palo Alto with little fanfare.

Asia Minute: Eager for Startups in New Zealand and Australia
Several organizations are trying to increase the number of business start-ups in Hawai‘i. From seed funding to business incubators, more resources are slowly becoming available. Across the Pacific, governments are floating some other ideas to achieve the same goals. HPR’s Bill Dorman has details in today’s Asia Minute. If you’re a technology entrepreneur with an idea that can create jobs, the government of New Zealand would love to hear from you.  And there might be a visa in it for you.

Show Floor Additions Reflect Top Trends in Tech at CES Asia™ 2016
The second annual CES Asia™ 2016 will feature new show floor highlights, including Startup Park, a Drone Demo Area, outdoor exhibits, a dedicated hall for vehicle technology, the N4 Stage and more, including more than 350 exhibiting companies from 23 countries, regions and territories. Covering four halls of exhibit space, compared to two in 2015, the CES Asia show floor is poised to be packed with today’s hottest consumer technology trends. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, and co-produced by Intex Shanghai, this year’s show will run May 11-13, 2016, in Shanghai, China.

Hyperlocal grocery delivery startup wants to help consumers in Dubai
In 2014, it was estimated that the entire grocery retail market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was worth a sizeable US$28.7 billion. Food retail alone was projected to increase by US$1 billion each year, helped by the fact that median household incomes in the UAE are an impressive US$104,000. As Dubai prepares to host the World Expo in 2020, it is likely that there will be a greater influx of expatriates, especially in the hospitality, tourism, and property verticals. Sales in large grocery retail outlets are bound to increase. And that’s the opportunity el Grocer is looking to tap into.

Tripfez scores funding to focus on Muslim holidaymakers
Tripfez, based in Malaysia, was set up in 2013 by co-founders Faeez Fadhlillah and Juergen Gallistl – two former schoolmates brought together by their mutual love of travel. In a nutshell, the company helps Muslim travelers discover, compare, and book hotels and tour services that fit their specific needs. The hotel and tour operators on the site provide things like Halal food and a list of Halal restaurants in the vicinity, a prayer mat and Quran, and a symbol to indicate Qiblah, the direction to face when praying during salat.

Why these 3 veteran tech CEOs love building their startups in Seattle
Cost of living. A competitive talent pool. The University of Washington. By now, it’s no secret that Seattle is a thriving entrepreneurial hub, one that is attracting folks from not only Silicon Valley but around the world. But what exactly makes the Emerald City an effective and enjoyable place to build a technology company?

Tech:NYC Searches for the Next Big Startup  
Silicon Valley’s influence has reached farther than we could have anticipated. The success of the West Coast’s innovation in tech has pushed for friendly competition in other regions of the country, particularly on the East Coast. New York City, naturally, has been trying to find their footing with tech companies and has launched Tech:NYC to find the next big tech startup. Tech:NYC is launching as not just a solution to uniting the emerging tech culture in New York City, but also to represent the merging of various field, including “government, civic institutions, in business and public policy forums, and with the media”. The goal is to attract emerging tech talent from across these specific sectors, jumpstart the growth of more tech jobs in the area, and to increase civic engagement by tech leaders.

Fueling Canada’s Startups: Win This High-Tech GE Fridge with Built-In Keurig Brewing System
Techvibes has partnered with GE to boost one lucky startup’s work space with a high-tech fridge that will improve the form and function of any office kitchen. And to sweeten the deal, the fridge boasts a built in Keurig coffee maker to energize your entrepreneurial pursuits. No wonder we decided to dub the contest “Fueling Canada’s Startups.” The GE Café refrigerator with Keurig brewing system allows you to brew your favourite cup of coffee, right from your refrigerator door.

Inside the Boston Tech Re-awakening: A Founder’s View  
Boston’s tech star has fallen, overshadowed not just by SF, but also by NY, SoCal, and even Austin. We’re last generation’s tech hub. The magic of the DECs and Lotuses (both exited before some of our employees were born…) and the other companies on the 128 beltway is over. You have to leave Boston and move to SF to create a great company. After all, Facebook is worth more than all tech founded in Boston since 2000! That, yeah, maybe we have biotech and some robots but that’s it. Bullshit. By any measure Boston is still a top-tier tech hub. I believe we’re experiencing a new renaissance, and the future in Boston tech looks brighter than ever.

Startup Weekend Sacramento turns innovative focus on health tech  
Over the past weekend, 40 participants from around the Sacramento region wracked their brains for the next big breakthrough in health technology. The event brought together medical workers, consultants, hobbyists and budding entrepreneurs looking to help fledgling ideas find their feet – and maybe their funding. Health has been a core piece of global tech growth in recent years, driven by aging baby boomers and health-obsessed millennials, as well as hospital systems and insurers struggling to cope with major health care reform. The number of venture funding deals for health care startups grew roughly 200 percent between 2010 and 2014.


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