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Funding is a major concern for startups


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Indian start-ups counting on rural reach to boost e-commerce

Analysts estimate that the next 100 million people who will participate in e-commerce will be from India’s smaller towns

MIT India Conference to build on ‘Startup India’ initiative

Celebrating the achievements of India, the MIT India Conference will focus on how to create a thriving startup ecosystem in India to put Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ” Startup India” initiative into action. To be organized in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 3, the conference plans to address all levels of entrepreneurship

Startup action plan has generated buzz among entrepreneurs

A lot of startups are approaching the government after the announcement of the action plan, there is a lot of interest and it has generated a buzz among the startups, according to Commerce and Industries Minister Nirmala Sitharaman


Uber plans to invest $500 Mn in India

Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick believes that the Indian market could surpass either the US or China, for Uber. The company has already committed a $1 Bn investment in India since July 2015, which was to be made in over six-nine months


Why Doesn’t India Take Advantage Of Its Deep Ties With Silicon Valley?

Unfortunately, India hasn’t done nearly enough to take advantage of this incredible resource.   The Indian government has been slow to recognize the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in achieving the countries development goals


Robin Uthappa has HealthEminds on healthcare tech startups

Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa has invested an undisclosed amount in a healthcare technology startup HealthEminds through his fund Caffeine Ventures




Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu slammed for how they treat China’s startups

Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are three giant mountains that have left countless startups shadowed in darkness, says Jia Yueting, founder and CEO of LeEco, one of China’s largest internet companies

Delta angel funding for Thai startups

Thailand-based electronics part maker Delta Electronics has announced that it will fund potential startups for 4 million baht this year

These investors share how to be successful in Japan and Asia

One of the panel discussions at Pioneers Asia was with four venture capitalists on investing in Japan and Asia

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