Press Release! Hyderabad: October 23, 2017


The Dollar Business launches an all-new, cloud-based buyer discovery and competition analysis tool for India’s EXIM Community

The Dollar Business (TDB), the most exclusive platform on foreign trade in India, has launched an all-new, cloud-based, buyer discovery and competition analysis tool for India’s manufacturing and EXIM Communities. Armed with TDB’s Flash Technology, which processes millions of datasets in nanoseconds, EXIMAPS enables its users gain access to about 2.4 million buyer and seller company profiles from across 191 countries within seconds. Its algorithm-based intelligence, aided by Big Data and analytics, makes it the perfect buyer discovery and ‘easy-to-understand’ buyer and competition analysis tool for Indian manufacturers and exporters.
“The Dollar Business has championed the cause of India’s foreign trade community and its importance in shaping the economy of the world’s largest democracy. In fact, the platform has always believed in empowering its members. And EXIMAPS – the most powerful buyer discovery and competition analysis tool for Indian exporters – is yet another extension to this belief from India’s exclusive and only multifeatured platform on exports-imports,” said Mr Avnish Goyal, Founder and Director, The Dollar Business, while launching the high-quality product offering that comes in the form of a membership programme, available in three tiers – GROW, CONNECT and CONQUER.
A growing business needs more customers. And finding the right kind of customers has never been easy, especially in foreign trade. This is majorly due to the absence of a broad-based technology platform that helps Indian manufacturers/exporters gain access to supplying and buying capacities and frequencies of sellers/exporters and buyers/importers respectively across product categories. Devised as a solution to such issues, EXIMAPS comes equipped with the following features:
– With EXIMAPS, an exporter/importer can identify seasonal footprints of a buyer/seller (Monthly Purchase/Exports Pattern Analysis), analyse transactions conducted in years (Transactional Analysis), and visualise markets that the buyer/seller is sourcing from/to (Sourcing Markets Analysis). – EXIMAPS enables exporters/importers to understand a particular buyer’s/seller’s behaviour and make action-triggering decisions based on a thorough analysis of buying/selling patterns of an overseas importer/exporter. In short, it makes decision-making in foreign trade simple. – EXIMAPS helps an exporter know who his/her buyer is buying from or who else his/competitor exporting to. The engine also enables an exporter to understand other products that his/her prospective buyer imports, which could give him/her an option to not only diversify his/her exports business but also offer a bundled offering to a buyer. And not just these. There are many other such unique offerings that come bundled with EXIMAPS. For instance, extensive, detailed research and analyses of products, in addition to supply-demand opportunities across various markets, is priceless information for both aspiring and existing exporters and importers. The Dollar Business Market Access and Potential Identification System (MAPS) Report,
which is a part of TDB’s Membership Programme, gives exporters access to these valuable trade-facts that can boost their businesses, providing them that big edge in foreign trade.
In short, EXIMAPS is by far the most intelligent solution – designed to help manage, visualise and analyse information, and make high-value business decisions with a uncompromised understanding of buyers and competitors – for those who wish to be at the forefront of the constant changes taking place in the realm of international trade.

About The Dollar Business

The Dollar Business (TDB) is India’s most exclusive and only multi-featured platform on exports-imports. It offers everything that exporters, importers, foreign trade facilitators and those in the manufacturing and services sectors would have ever wished to see at one place – from innovative cloud-based solutions that assure any business an unbeatable edge over competition to a monthly magazine that features EXIM product ideas worth millions of dollars every month, from an opportunity to interact with an expert panel to clarify all your doubts with respect to foreign trade to a Forum that gives exporters and importers an opportunity to raise their voices against issues affecting their business or the industry as a whole and make their voices heard in the power corridors. In short, The Dollar Business platform offers the best-in-class products and services to conquer the EXIM world!

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