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Myparcelonline will be available to public from January 25th, 2016 - CEO says launches on 21st Jan

Finally the day arrives, is to be launched today.

1:30 pm

A quick interview with Shridhar: 


Shridhar Bhagwat, CCO, TracXpress

This was an incredible experience to conceive this project which was deep in our hearts….as employees we have witnessed great companies taking shape, we were part of others stories…we wanted to have our own story….The real journey started from July 2015 when we registered the company and started office in August. We came on-board full time leaving our jobs and families to a new unknown city Chennai…

We were back to bachelor days, staying in a flat…cooking food and sharing work to reduce our cost to minimum. We were not funded and have no desire to attract any investor before we launch and prove our Business Model to others.There were hard times when we were short of cash, we wanted to hire people for some critical work but had to manage and postpone things….but in the end we have a great satisfaction that we could bring our dream to reality.

Tracxpress came into reality in Nov. 2015 and we started inching towards our flagship product Chennai floods did put us on back by a month but we decided to keep focusing on delivery and launch and today on 21st Jan 2016…we are here with our offering…

Sandeep adds: 

Sandeep, CTO, TracXpress
Suranjan Mallick, CEO, TracXpress

” Being a Delhiite i was not sure on the location but once I landed here, i could feel the warmth and ease with which we could move and connect with people, this made us to decide we want to make Chennai our Head Office”

Suranjan Mallick chips in:  ” This was my dream idea and it took me 3 years to get the right people with me to complete this dream into reality” I am excited to see this happening.


Venue of launch, Hotel Savera, Chennai
247  pm

Hall is getting ready.  The excitement is palpable.  Abdul says ‘ I am excited to be part of this.’  He has been part of all the running around.






315 pm WP_20160121_15_04_20_Pro[1]

The launch is getting ready.  Few minutes to start…




335 pm, finally it happens.  Palpable excitement in the event hall.WP_20160121_15_33_35_Pro[1]  Fully packed.   Shridhar starts with a welcome address.





340 pm – Prayer – an invocation of the Almighty WP_20160121_15_34_49_Pro[1]– for the successful launch.  After all, He guides, doesn’t he?






350 pm

Maheen Kannu,  Chief Inspirator and Mentor for TracXpress –  speaks about how technology platforms have to come to disrupt.  AirBnB, Google, Skype,  Uber and others have made serious impact using technology.  Technology platforms will be the future.WP_20160121_15_44_54_Pro[1]  He cites Lifi as an example.  He wishes all the participants – for a great journey forward.  It is a small beginning, and with everybody’s support will grow.  Logistics is the sunrise industry today.  The impact on logistics on the economy is tremendous, he says.




400 pm

Arun Natarajan , Business Associate and major partner for South for myparcelonline explains the differentiators of myparcelonline.  Technology is the ultimate tool, he says. He adds –  One can give both unpacked and packed parcels can be picked and delivered in anWP_20160121_15_55_23_Pro[1]y part of the country and world.  Customers can use mobileapp, website, SMS and call centre as channels for booking and tracking. Proactive tracking through SMS and online is available.  Chennai is the starting point.  Chennai inspires on the contrary.   We will deliver, when you want, wherever you want.

myparcelonline is backed by leading players.  It also creates an opportunity for everybody to create wealth – ‘collective wealth creation’, Arun says.  An inspiring speech indeed.


415 pm

Suranjan Mallick, CEO of TracXpress gets on to the podium.

2008 – a dream, 2009- start of his entrepreneurial journey with an idea in his mind

2012 – he met his friend, an IT person who was a veteran, and then a vision start something WP_20160121_16_10_26_Pro[1]

2014-  the third founder joined to create a value based organization.

2014 – got the chief mentor

2015 – got the legal support and his business associate – Arun.

Suranjan says that he believes that they will make an impact on the Indian logistics industry and Indian economy overall.  An emotional, big day for Suranjan.  Words flow like how he is – fast, agile and always thinking on his feet.   He thanks all for their support to reach this day, and way forward.



The founders and WP_20160121_16_27_31_Pro[1]core team join to launch the product ‘’ and also lighting of the lamp.  The press conference follows.   Suranjan Mallick takes questions.  The product will be available on 25th January WP_20160121_16_25_39_Pro[1]to the general public, he says. We wish the TracXpress team the very best.





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