A day with experts! A seminar curated for small businesses.


VLegal brings you an informative seminar that covers all the information that you need to start up! Attend this insightful seminar and shed your inhibitions to succeed with your business idea.

The Session mainly covers the following:

Date: 5th August, 2017

  • Basic laws applicable to your business

Entrepreneurs’ especially small businesses pay less attention to the aw. No doubt legal and regulatory frameworks are complex, but it pays to be compliant; proactive in complying with legal aspects help, than rushing to the lawyer when the situation turns bad; to give ongoing effective legal advice; support, but who can understand my business and provide end-to-end solution.

The session is an opportunity to clear your doubts and ensure that your business entity is legally compliant and protected.

  • Financial supports from banks

Banks brimming with an idea that you know will succeed, but short of capital to launch your dream project; Do the banks have anything to offer? Are there any flip sides to a bank loan? Will it be beneficial to your business? In the session, a representative of the reputed bank will explain to you these issues and the way forward.

  • Government Privileges

SMEs, start-ups. Are they really meant for businessmen like us!!; not know how to avail them, neither we know who will facilitate them or make the most of them.

An expert will address you the details of such incentives and schemes and how to approach Case Study

  • Case Study

We do realize the difficulties. Mistakes are part of business as in life. Learning from it is wisdom. A successful Entrepreneur will share the experiences and tips. It would help you to understand the pitfalls.

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