Vruddhitech – a startup, taking care of startups’ needs

Guru Prasad Toro, co-founder and Marketing Head, Vruddhitech

Though the startup ecosystem is improving day by day, startups still have to struggle for their basic needs in technology and marketing. Vruddhitech thrives on being startup friendly

By Ashok Subramanian

Vriddhi logoVruddhitech is a company that wants to be a startup friendly business without compromising on quality, providing digital marketing solutions to websites and mobile applications.

Stars of Startups spoke to Guru Prasad, Co-founder and Marketing Head of Vruddhitech to know more about the company and its plans for the future. Excerpts:

What is the motivation behind Vruddhitech?
Vruddhitech was started when we were looking for digital marketing agency within our budget. When we failed to get the same we thought there might be so many other startups who would want to do digital marketing in decent cost. So we thought why can’t we only start the same and deliver startup companies.

Can you explain the nomenclature – Vruddhitech?
The meaning of Vruddhi Is growth and meaning of Vruddhitech is technical growth for company. We can take care of all technical aspects for startup companies like websites, digital marketing and mobile applications.

Can you talk about the cofounders of Vruddhitech?
We are two co-founders. Akshata Guru Prasad is the founder and CEO.  She handles finance and client services. Guru Prasad Toro is the other co-founder and handles marketing and designing. His vast experience in designing and client servicing helps us to know client better and work get faster.

Akshata Guru Prasad, co-founder and CEO of Vruddhitech.
Akshata Guru Prasad, founder and CEO of Vruddhitech.

What are the areas of focus for Vruddhitech?
We are mainly focusing digital marketing, e-commerce websites and mobile applications.

How does Vruddhitech innovate to meet customer requirements?
As we believe working smarter than harder, we did some market research and gather all info about products. Then we told clients what other products werelacking and work towards making their product complete.

Isn’t the market for Vruddhitech crowded?  How do you create value?
Yes, it is crowded. But we believe that we should not waste client money and our time. Being in this industry since the last decade, we know what exactly customer needs. We don’t push our ideas to customers. We understand customer requirements and then start from scratch.

Talk about Team Vruddhitech (employees and advisors)…
Akshata Guru Prasad is the Founder and CEO, handling client services and finance. Guru Prasad is the Founder and Marketing head knowhow to get work done from team and clients. Gopinath, who is Technical Lead mainly handles websites and application production.

Ravi Raaj is an artist who takes care of designing aspects. Ankitha Hemanth handles social media marketing. Hitesh is backend developer -working on Core PHP is his strength. Aasai Thambi is experienced frontend designer having more than two years of experience.

What is the future plan of Vruddhitech?
Vruddhitech wants to be startup-friendly company without compromising on quality.

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