Young, restless and ready to startup? Startify will tell you how to


Young entrepreneurs need mentoring, especially when starting-up with their big idea. Startify, an interactive portal, is providing this help online


By Team SOS

They are young, restless and want to startup! But a lot of them are unable to venture out into entrepreneurial world.

Any entrepreneurial journey is fraught with challenges. The biggest hurdles come when starting the journey as majority of start-ups have limited idea of how to put the first foot forward in their journey. That is when startups need mentoring and guidance related to various steps in the process of startingup.

With many youngsters jumping into the ocean of entrepreneurship, proper counselling and help is the need of the hour so that all those with a workable idea set sail easily and don’t sink into the abyss.

Startify is one such organisation guiding start-ups. Startify, an interactive portal, helps the young entrepreneurs build a strong foundation by connecting them to experienced mentors, good incubators and investors.

Stars of Startups spoke to Himanshu Sikaria, one of the co-founders to know more about Startify and its work. Excerpts:

How did the idea for a startup strike you? What were the moment and the thought that led you to become an entrepreneur?
It was in my first year at IIT Jodhpur  that the craze of entrepreneurship hit the colleges across India. Everyone wanted to be one and earn money, being their own boss. So, during this time one of my friends wanted to start a Zomato for hostels and PGs. He asked me to help him ideate, so while working on this idea we realised that the road to building the startup was unknown. That is when we started to explore how other entrepreneurs build ideas from scratch and realised that guidance was a major problem especially in tier II and tier III cities. After extensive surveys and research, we built Startify which focuses on guiding pre-revenue startups in India.

Was this decision sudden or a gradual awakening or were you made aware by a mentor?
It was at the age of fourteen that I first started my entrepreneurial journey. I had started a blog on computer repairs and through Amazon ads I was earning a few thousands. Though that did not work out, but this experience gave me an insight into what I loved doing. So, as a person I always wanted to explore the business side more. After getting into college and believing that we can solve the problem, we started it without giving it a second thought.

What is the innovation or solution you are providing? How far have you successfully achieved it?
Startify helps the young entrepreneurs build a strong foundation. It helps them to get connected to experienced mentors, good incubators and investors in their field. The online interactive portal is built especially keeping in mind the young entrepreneurs. It has unique team management and customer validation features.

Startify has almost 100 startups registered with it, and has successfully helped them in launching their venture. We have partnered with major companies like Google Startup Launch, E-Cell IIT Bombay to further help the startups. With this acquisition, we hope that Startify can reach out to more budding startups and help them build innovative ideas.

How tough has been your journey as an entrepreneur?
We experienced that the entrepreneurial journey is not as easy as it seems to an outsider that too being a student entrepreneur. We used to have deadlines to meet, while our friends used to go for a movie. And there were times when we just wanted to give up. But again our passion and our team kept us going each every time. Also, seeing our happy customers we always wanted to help more, but had to keep a constrain on the number because of our limited resources and man power, that is why be decided that getting acquired to a  bigger company would further benefit the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India.

Do you think your product has good scope in this ecosystem?
With the increasing number of startups and decreasing success rate, there is a need of platforms like Startify that could help and clear the doubts of the young wannabe entrepreneurs. Though money is a problem in this sector, but revenue models can be thought of.

What are your plans for future?
With the acquisition of Startify, I hope it would reach out to a lot of entrepreneurs and help them. And personally my plan would be to further increase my skillset, get a degree and then maybe try out my hands in a technical startup. It is difficult to stay out of the startup world once you have experienced it. Hopefully, we will come up with something which impacts the world just as Startify did.

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