League of Extraordinary Women: Radhika Nathany

Name: Radhika Nathany

City: Mumbai

Company name: Laughing Popcorn

Company URL: https://www.facebook.com/Laughing-Popcorn-407496406110931/

Designation: Founder

Radhika ventured on the path of entrepreneurship to establish her own identity. But the road has not been thornless as she had to overcome a debilitating fear – the fear of risk taking. Having ventured on the path less travelled, Radhika Nathany, founder of Laughing Popcorn tells Stars of Startups her success mantra:

This women’s day, how is being a woman entrepreneur relevant more than ever?

Well this happens to be my first Women’s Day as an entrepreneur! It just makes it all the more special! And being an entrepreneur makes me feel stronger, confident and a more independent woman.

Radhika v1
Radhika’s source of inspiration is her family of entrepreneurs.

How did your journey as an entrepreneur start? Do give a brief about your company.

It all started with the urge to have an identity of my own and face the challenges that this path of entrepreneurship has to offer!

My venture is all about design. We deal with different aspects of graphic design, illustrations and animation and also get merchandise and stationery developed on these lines. Though things are still in the nascent stage, I am moving forward every day.

What challenges have you faced in this journey?

One of the biggest challenges that I had to overcome is the fear of taking risks!! Leaving a stable job to follow my dream ­- that too in a society that is not very encouraging towards risk-takers — was a major fear that I am glad to have overcome and now everyday unfolds a new challenge. But it feels like a part of the game!

Laughing Popcorn, a design studio is a brain child of Radhika Nathany, focuses on design, animation and illustration.

To whom will you give credit for your success?

My family and my will power…

What do you think are your strengths?

The strong desire to achieve something coupled with patience, hard work and determination.

What is your support system and source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration is my family of entrepreneurs that has gone through thick and thin together. Another thing that gives me strength is a quote by Shah Rukh Khan that asks you to have perseverance and patience if you want to achieve success. It makes me to HOLD ON to my dreams!!

If you were to mentor or guide women-led startups, what would your top three advices be?


What is that one change you suggest that will make women entrepreneurship blossom in this country?

Radhika measures success by how quickly and peacefully one falls asleep every night!

A little change in the mindset of people when it comes to accepting work from a women entrepreneur will be appreciated a lot. I mean, sometimes I have faced situations when people feel little offended because a woman is guiding them, telling them what to do.

How do you measure success? Is it different for men and women?

I will measure success by how quickly and peacefully you fall asleep every night! It’s not different for men and women as the amount of effort required does not differ.

Would you like to share a funny or memorable anecdote that was due to gender bias or happened because you were a woman?

Well none really, but I will wait to laugh at one anytime in the future!

On the eve of Women’s Day 2016, we wish Radhika and Laughing Popcorn all success on their journey forward.

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