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A conversation with Himanshi Singh -

Himanshi Lydia Singh, CEO

Men form about half of the human population.  In India, a little more.  From the period of Manu or Adam – the first male as per the myths, the behaviour of male has varied between ‘interesting’ to ‘reluctance’.

Men nowadays walk to a store and buy ‘that thing for women’ by not going to a store at all.  Men still hesitate to be ‘noticed’ shopping for the women on their life.  Now, when the superstores appeared, people could pick what they wanted, but still had to pass through the billing counter.

Woobazaar is for women entrepreneurs, but frequented by men as well

Now, for those who thought buying lingerie or the pads is an all ladies affair, think twice.  A story in quotes that men indeed shop a lot around Valentine’s Day, giving the much needed push for sales of women products or product sold by women. Online stores allow buyers — be it men or women — to discover options without feeling awkward. “Male shoppers form a fast growing group.

Men usually find it embarrassing to buy lingerie from physical outlets. With these line present now, they get to save the embarrassment, select in a private ambience, seek opinions if necessary, and make the perfect choice at their time.’

A recent survey in the US, by Bronto Software shows that men shop online more than women. Specifically, they are almost twice more likely to shop online throughout the week than women are. Attention all dads, boyfriends, and husbands who have complained about women shopping too much—the tables have turned.

The survey was conducted based on 1,000 consumers and the results revealed that 30% of men shop online at least once throughout the week versus only 18% of women who claim to do so.

It is clear now that men are indeed increasingly interested in shopping online. Well, that is good news. India is seeing the growth of women entrepreneurs coming up, leveraging the new wave of e-commerce on the Internet.  But there is big chasm of the woman entrepreneur’s finding appropriate platforms.  There are small businesses that need support, and in a complex competitive world, both in social media and independent e-commerce platforms.
We talked to Himanshi Lydia Singh, the Founder of, niche classifieds for women entrepreneurs; and theWOOMag an e-zine for women, about how women can leverage platforms like hers.

How much of your traffic is men? 

Himanshi: 54%

Why do men don’t visit ‘women only’ website?

Curiosity. To know more about women and what products they sell.

What are the incentives that you offer as market place?  What are the suggestions to your sellers?

We are aware of the financial challenges faced by women that hinders them from marketing their businesses. So, offers a low cost option for small business owners and self employed ladies. Secondly, as WOOBazaar positions as the market place by specifically by women, we are able to provide that extra push to women entrepreneurs that they require.

Only thing women business owners and service providers need to do is post ads in WOOBazaar, a visually appealing, clutter free platform and they get higher visibility, and benefit from marketing we do collectively for all the members. Besides, free services, we have premium services – like featured ads, and memberships with added benefits to promote brands.

What are the articles men can find from your Classifieds?  On what occasions?

Many women run businesses especially services that can be used by men like business services, marketing, advertising, lawyers or child care. is a site for all. We are asking women who deal in men related products & services to list here on WOOBazaar. WOOBazaar is a platform for women led businesses, but anyone can buy i.e., customers can be men as well.

WOOBazaar is one of the best platforms presented to women-led enterprises. Started just a year ago and growing at 25% monthly basis, WOOBazaar is already getting lot of traffic and support from woman entrepreneurs.

Registration is free and has the following benefits:

FREE MULTIPLE LISTINGS You can add your listing for FREE. Our basic listing package allows one user to add multiple listings for FREE.
NICHE SEGMENT, first ever NICHE classified for women entrepreneurs for INCREASED HITS and BUSINESS VISIBILITY.
USER FRIENDLY has been designed for users to find and use tools and options easily. You will find it relatively easier to work on WOOBazaar.
FEATURED ADS Premium Ad Options at to MAXIMISE VISIBILITY & Multiply the chances of RESPONSE to your listings.
LOW COST LOW COST option for Women Entrepreneurs and Self Employed to MAXIMIZE BUSINESS REACH.
EASY CUSTOMER CONTACT ENHANCED CUSTOMER CONTACT with clutter free and easily navigable WOOBazaar
Global Online Visibility is connected with world top social media sites.  Plus, Your business will benefit from global exposure and online publicitywith WOOBazaar’s focused online marketing and publicity.
Dedicated User Control Panel At, you will have your own dedicated control panel to add/edit/manage your multiple listings.
Partnering in social responsibility By being member of WOOBazaar, you will be partnering with us in bringing up women entrepreneurship.

As we discovered at, it is a path-breaking attempt to make the portal appealing to Woman entrepreneurs, but also encouraging men to visit, buy and interact.

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