The Cauvery Challenge – Birth of the Cauvery Startups

This could be the meeting point of two waves – the burden of destruction and the boon of ‘starting up’.  The recent incidents of the Cauvery water indicate the need for a whole bunch of solutions that are ‘value based’ and ‘sustainable’.

Birth Place of Cauvery – Inspiration for Cauvery Startups.

There are many problems to solve – ‘aforestation of the Kodagu region’, ‘managing trees across the delicate ecosystem’, ‘strong water management and distribution methods’, ‘water conservation and storage’, ‘soil and crop management’ – a string of relevant problems that can be ‘piloted’ and ‘scalable’ are available.

These solutions involve social, technology, human enterprise and various subject matter expertise.  However, the key here is the human enterprise – the ability to create something for a greater cause.

For anybody who is looking to create ‘social startups’ this is the right time.  Entrepreneurship, by definition, is to make things happen for others’ benefits.  With the enthusiasm among the present day youth to be enterprising and the technology and funds being available for ‘impact’ solutions, this might be the right time for anybody who could consider this problem as an opportunity.

The inspiration of Cauvery – the perennial river of South India and the basis of many a livelihood will bring out the much needed human enterprises.  Can we see the birth of eco-startups, that can solve this water problem and save the Cauvery ecology?

Stars of Startups is keen to cover these eco-startups which make an impact in the above areas – even if it is at an idea level.   This is the starting of something big – called the ‘Cauvery Startups’.  If you find a good idea and are enterprising, do reach us out at

-Ashok Subramanian

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