Philozoic – A startup that takes total care of your fishes

Most of us enjoy watching colourful fishes maintained in an aquarium but are afraid to own them because of the hassles involved in maintaining them at home. Lack of knowledge about aquarium and how to maintain them stop some people who want to adopt fishes as pets.


Philozoic is the answer to all your worries regarding aquariums.

They provide maintenance, refurbish your aquarium and even take care of food for the fishes – all at a nominal fee.

They also provide aquarium on rent as low as Rs 1000 per month — thus creating a small water world for you without the hassles of choosing aquarium, fishes, decor and periodic maintenance.

Stars of Startups spoke to Aditya, founder of Philozoic, to know more about his unique concept of professional services for pets. Excerpts:

How did the idea for a startup strike you? What were the moment and the thought that led you to become an entrepreneur?
Confucius has said: “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day”. I have grown up among pets — fishes, dogs and other animals and I always loved them little more than my studies or work.  Also since I was so passionate about them, lots of pet owners used to come to me for advice. Hence, I thought why not choose a job I love…and that’s how I started my own company. My company’s name is Philozoic, which actually means animal lover.  I observed that many people want to own an aquarium but they lack knowledge or time to maintain it. And hence Philozoic was born. We give aquariums on rental basis and also do complete maintenance.

Was this decision sudden or a gradual awakening or were you made aware by a mentor?
While there was no eureka moment, the idea for my business developed over the years. I have had an aquarium since I was very young and people who came to my home always commented on how well I have kept it. The comment was never alone, mostly people would tell me that they would love to have an aquarium at home but then they don’t have time or knowledge to maintain it .Lot of people who got inspired by me got an aquarium, but were in constant need of support since they did not know how to choose right accessories or fishes for their tanks. Over the years, the idea began to form in my mind that I can provide people aquarium and my expertise at nominal cost.

What is the innovation or solution you are providing? How far have you successfully achieved it?
At Philozoic, we have a unique concept where we not only maintain your aquarium but also provide them to you on rental basis. So you don’t have to go into hassles like choosing fishes, choosing tank, choosing the décor. You can just give us a nominal rental fees and we will provide you aquarium according to your need. We will maintain it and we will change the décor and fishes periodically so that you can get almost new aquarium time to time. Not only that, we also provide specific food for the fishes so that you don’t even have to go to market to buy that.
A unique distinction is we provide a customer care number on which you can call anytime — no one else provides such a service in this industry. And all of this in an all-encompassing monthly rent as low as 1000 per month!

What is so unique about the products your company is offering? Briefly, give details of your company and partners.
The aquarium industry is not an organised sector. There are some personnel who offer aquarium cleaning privately but they don’t have our unique professional approach. Moreover, we not only maintain the aquarium but we understand that having an aquarium is a personal choice and you may not want it permanently and hence we provide it on rent. Besides, we change the décor periodically so that you find it appealing even after years. Philozoic is a team of passionate fish lovers and like-minded siblings who have come together to convert their passion into business.

How tough has been your journey as an entrepreneur?
The journey is just begun and it’s every bit tough. As our concept is unique, people need to be made aware of our services, which is an uphill task. As I have said before, since this is not an organised industry, I have to change the customer mind-set about previous bad experiences.

A aquarium installed by Philozoic.
A aquarium installed by Philozoic.

Do you think your product has good scope in this ecosystem?
I am confident that this is a unique idea which has lot of potential for further advancement. Nowadays people lead a stressful life and they are in constant look out for relief. I believe that having an aquarium at home or in offices will not only provide relaxation they are looking for, but can also have other health benefits. We will provide them all these without worrying about things like maintaining it.

What are your plans for future?
In future, we are planning to educate more people about aquatic animals. So that they can not only reap the health benefits of it but also can earn friends for life.

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