MoShik’s — a startup adding sweetness to life

MoShik’s, the brainchild of Mohit Kumar and Shikha Jain, is the first homemade chocolate brand in India having both trademark registration and ISO 9001:2008 certification

By Team SOS

Hearing Mohit Kumar Jain and Shikha Jain’s story — and that of their startup Moshik’s — gives you a feeling of déjà vu because it is the story of many middle-class youngsters who venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

Such new entrepreneurs are discouraged by family and friends, are advised not to chuck well-paid jobs for starting their business and if they still take up the mantle of entrepreneurship, they have to struggle hard to establish their startups. While a lot of such stories end in hard luck and failure, Mohit and Shikha have succeeded in establishing their startup MoShik’s despite facing hurdles that initially looked insurmountable.

They have managed to establish MoShik’s as a premier brand in homemade chocolate sector, which is currently worth about Rs 7000 crore and expected to double in the next 7 to 8 years.

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Being from a middleclass background and having no business management degree or knowledge, it was a challenge for them to establish themselves in the market. But day-to-day practical life experiences helped them deal with people and is still guiding them towards growth and becoming better business managers.

“Today many of my friends who are still working in IT sector are facing the heat of recession, slowdown, layoffs, I am making every day of my life count by adding sweetness to others’ life”, says Mohit.

MoShik’s boasts of more than 200 flavors in chocolates, 150 plus flavors in Truffles and more than 1000 plus packaging options make MoShik’s stand out against their competitors.

The co-founders of MoShik’s believe their brand is set to rule the homemade chocolate sector in coming decade. SOS wishes them all the best for future. Excerpts from an interview with Mohit Jain:

How did the idea for a startup strike you? What were the moment and the thought that led you to become an entrepreneur? Was this decision sudden or a gradual awakening or were you made aware by a mentor?
I always wanted to prove myself by owning something and a high paid white collar IT  job cannot be ‘owned’. I would have been always a slave! My wife supported me and during our travel in southern region of India, we though to bring this concept of homemade chocolates to northern India as a part-time business. When the business took off, we made it a full time occupation and are constantly working and nourishing our business as it is our first child. It was not at all a sudden decision. Their have always been mentors in my life — parents, seniors, etc.

What is the innovation or solution you are providing? How far have you successfully achieved it?
We have diversified the taste of chocolates by adding new flavours. Our customers love the new innovations we do in chocolates and all our new flavours are picked up at a quick rate. We keep learning about new happenings in this field globally and put our best efforts to make that innovation available at budget price in India in a quality-assured way.


What is so unique about the products your company is offering? Briefly, give details of your company and partners.
Ours is the first brand in India in homemade chocolates which is trademark registered and also ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our USP is personalisation/customization of chocolates as well as corporate gifting option.

How tough has been your journey as an entrepreneur?
It is a double-edged sword. If we succeed, people will say we knew you could do it, and have always said this. But if we fail, the same people will go: “We told you things like these don’t work”! It is important not to quit, keep at it and follow your dream passionately, survive the big sharks and succeed!

Do you think your product has good scope in this ecosystem?
We are working in an organised way in an unorganised sector of homemade/handmade products, adding value to this department and creating new avenues and new scopes in this field with our professionalism.

What are your plans for future?
We are in the process of launching our own e-commerce selling portal. We are focusing on extending our sales reach to 300+ places before year end.

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