Goplayr — a startup that wants you to play more

Sports startups are crying for attention.


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Life is short, play more — that’s the motto of GoPlayr, a Pune-based startup which claims to be India’s first one-stop sports solution provider. Founded by Dribble Logics Systems Private Limited, GoPlayr provides on-demand sports services and aims to be the preferred outdoor activity partner for individuals and corporate entities. It wants to build a sports and fitness portfolio for all.

Stars of Startups spoke Shwetang RD, founder & CEO, GoPlayr for the story behind the startup and about its plans for future. Excerpts:

How did the idea for a startup strike you? What were the moment and the thought that led you to become an entrepreneur?
It took almost a year for me to come up with the idea of GoPlayr. For a long time I thought I had to develop something that had never been done before to be successful. While that is somewhat true, sometimes an innovation can be quite simple. I have worked on couple of other ideas before starting GoPlayr. I had other ideas as well but then I saw few startups already working on them so I thought of doing something which is not being done anywhere as there are plenty of problems out there to solve, we just have to do it right. I realized quite early, a normal 9-5 job wasn’t my kind of thing. I always wanted to make it big in life, job wasn’t going to give that back to me, and hence here I am.

Was this decision sudden or a gradual awakening or were you made aware by a mentor?
The decision to be an entrepreneur wasn’t sudden — I always wanted to do what I like. Being in a 9 to 5 job for two years after college made me feel ‘I can do better than this’. I have been a founding member in three companies, and closely worked with four other startups. Working with start-ups for almost four years, I have seen things. One thing, I have learnt is, if the idea is good and the effort is genuine, it works. I strongly believe in “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

The GoPlayr team.
The GoPlayr team.

What is the innovation or solution you are providing? How far have you successfully achieved it?
We believe there is huge gap between people interested in sports and those participating in sports. Our aim is to bridge this gap by facilitating easy access to sports resources. In return we promise a healthy lifestyle for all. We are providing one-stop sports platform (web/mobile) where users can find their play buddies, see matches, request to join matches, host their own matches, build their sports portfolio, rate each other’s sports skills, rent venues, find trainers/coaches, subscribe membership etc. I think we have been pretty successful in our endeavour so far, within 60 days of beta android app launch; we have 130+ app reviews on Playstore and a community of 350+ users in Pune.

What is so unique about the products your company is offering? Briefly, give details of your company and partners.
The unique thing about our app is we’re building sports and fitness portfolio for everyone. Sports and sports talents are highly neglected in our society; we want to encourage sports culture because of alarming health issues. We want people to be more connected through sports and ensure availability of sports resources.
Our Partners are owners of sports venue, trainers, coaches, gym owners and fitness experts. So far we have deals with around 58 venues and 15 trainers in Pune.

How tough has been your journey as an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurship is difficult and one must put in long hours, more than people in other jobs do. I started working on my startup from my own room. The first person I hired used to sit on my bed with laptop and work. Struggling for something you believe in genuinely is always exciting but yes it is hard to carry on and be motivated everyday with not so much returns. Financial problems take up most time.

Do you think your product has good scope in this ecosystem?
Why would I work on it, if it didn’t?

What are your plans for future?
We want to be the preferred outdoor activity partner of individual and corporate entities. To take GoPlayr and its services to all major cities in India within the next three years and may be expand globally after that. In simple words, I want my company to be the Uber of sports resources.

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