The release of the highly anticipated movie of the year Bahubali – The Conclusion has reached a Crescendo!!  Millions around the Globe are awaiting to watch the Magnum Opus’s conclusion – Why Kattappa killed Bahubali

Bahubali is just not a Movie – it has become a Corporate and a Brand!

The SStart-UpFounders have got a lot to learn from the Founder and the Team who worked on Bahubali and the Characters in the Movie.

The Movie and the Strategies:-

The Founders or the Makers have had all the strategies in place – Right from creating the Bahubali Logo with a Horse Head encircled by Sun to Mahishmati Logo – Post Amarendra Bahubali which we see on the flags, shields, swords and vests.   The makers have got to detailing each and every aspect carefully and to perfection.  Bahubali 2 Logo, First Look Posters, HD Images were released in Oct, 2016 along with Animated series on Amazon Prime, which have had maximum views !  It is the most anxiously awaited film in the recent past!

During the Audio Launch of Bahubali 2, we could see the men sporting Beige Trousers with Dark Blue Nehru Collared Shirt with Bahubali 2 logo along with Arka Media Badges. Women wore elegant sarees with Bahubali border.  The Makers have celebrated the making of the movie with every team member who worked on the movie by giving the “Certificate of Appreciation”.  They did not leave out even a single technician who worked on the project.  Of course their credentials would be there at the end of the movie.  Not just that, Rajamouli, thanked every technician [not just the Head of Units] during the Audio Launch of the Movie!  That’s called a great leadership.

Along with Airtel, Nestle Munch, Britannia, McDonalds, Dr.Fixit, a crowdfunding platform – FuelADream, Birla Cement, Reliance [is having a special Bahubali Sale from April 28 – May 2]; a dozen other brands has partnered with Bahubali 2.  With this kind of tie-up Bahubali has undoubtedly become a commercial brand.

News Channel CNN 18 has partnered with Bahubali 2 Founders for Hunting the Biggest Fan of Bahubali – Titled HUNT FOR THE BIGGEST BAHUBALI FAN.  The fans have to make a short video – Why He or She is the Biggest Fan of Bahubali.  Just for the Audio Launch TV 9 and NTV shelled in Rs. 75 Lacs.

It is estimated that Bahubali 2 has signed theatrical and satellite deals close to Rs. 500 crores.

Bahubali – The Beginning, had a competitor in Bajrangi Bhaijaan in July 2015.  This time the Founders / Producers has been careful in Releasing the movie where there is NO BIG MOVIE releases not just alongside but also for next two to three weeks.

The movie is slated to release in over 6500 screens and 1000 screens in North America alone and is expected to do over Rs. 1000 crores business.  The estimated business during the release weekend is expected close to Rs. 110 Crores and the fastest to cross Rs. 100 crores mark.

The Hindi version Theatrical rights have got the producers Rs. 120 crore.  The producers have already made Rs 500 crores.  Brand endorsements, tie-ups figures were not available.

The high-end, state-of-the-art Visual Effects of Bahubali – The Conclusion is expected to exceed that of Bahubali – The Beginning.  The audience who have watched the trailer across the world have not had enough of it.  This would be the India’s first most advanced VFX experience movie.  The grandeur action scenes have been choreographed to perfection and are expected to give goose bumps! Not forgetting the Cinematography and Sound Effects which are mind blowing!  The sound effects which have been recorded in Dolby Atmos Format give a three-dimensional sound effect is of Par Excellence.

The VFX :-

Over 300 Virtual Reality booths would be set up for the audience to give extravagant experience, which the makers say would be a visual treat.  The sword of Bbahubali VR will be released alongside the movie to experience the epic drama.  Fans can engage themselves with shivudu, bahubali and bhallala deva. The VR is created by Radeon Technologies, a division of AMD by Chief Architect Raja Koduri and his team.

The Makers have launched the animated version titled “ Bahubali: The Lost Legends”.  The series would be the prequel to the movie – Bahubali – The Beginning.  The series are available on Amazon Prime Video.

Bahubali Mobile Game has been created in association with MoonFrog Labs, Bangalore.  Mark Skaggs of Farmville fame has created the Mobile Game to have continued engagement with the audience especially children.

Bahubali has many firsts to its credit : –

  • The only Indian film to be featured in BBC documentary
  • The first Indian movie to have taken close to 750 days to shoot
  • The first Indian movie to have 20,000 weapons which were designed in-house by the team.
  • The first Indian film for which a museum was built to store all the weapons, accessories and costumes
  • The first to set up Virtual Reality booths for virtual experience
  • Prabhas is the first South Indian Movie Star to have his wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • It’s the first Indian epic film that’s hot with Hollywood audience – the foreign audiences just does not seem to have enough of the Bahubali trailer which entices the audience with – out of the world war scenes, high end visual effects, high on sound and what not !
  • The first movie title to be mentioned by PM Modi during his speech

In simple words Bahubali has become a Phenomenon with the masses.

Few Facts About the Most Awaiting Movie of the times :-

Nearly 500 to 2000 people worked on the sets according to Art Director Sabu Cyril.

Climax sequence has costed the makers a whopping Rs. 20 crores.

The sword, the chained maze, spear, shield and all war equipments were designed exclusively in-house to the final product production.

The Bahubali 2 is going to showcase the inter-personal relationships of the characters while Bahubali 1 introduced the characters.   We can evidently see that each character has so much of strength.

The Men:-

The Bahubali Men are over 6 Feet Tall, Sleek and Handsome !  People have just loved the six pack of Shivudu as much as his romantic side in Bahubali 1.   The Bhallala Deva’s rage, his sarcasm and his ambition to ascend the Throne is in everyone’s memory and are looking forward to see the Face-Off of Amarendra Bahubali and Bhallala Deva as much as the Face-Off of Mahendra [Shivudu] Bahubali and Bhallal Deva.

The Women:- 

Women are classic beauties and at the same time are Strong!  Women are the backbone of the Bahubali story.

Sivgami is not only strong but also ethical and recognizes the true leadership qualities of an individual who would make a better ruler for the masses.  She is the centrifugal point of the Kingdom who takes the reins in her hands to rule the kingdom in the absence of the King. You can very clearly see her taking active part in making decision during the war against Kalakeyas right from the in-house planning and to the battle ground.  In Bahubali 1, she very clearly states, while Bhallala Deva was focusing only on winning the war, Amarendra Bahubali saw the safety of the Citizens and rightfully the person to ascend the Throne.  Rajamouli’s calls Sivagami the Epitome of Justice.

The Makers have released the book The Rise of Sivagami as part of the World of Bahubali trilogy series which are available on Amazon.

Devasena – We have just seen Devasena preparing the funeral pyre for Bhallala Deva in Bahubali – The Beginning, We would be seeing more of her in the Bahubali 2.  She is the Queen of Devasena Kingdom who gets wedded to Amarendra Bahubali rejecting the proposal of Bhallala Deva.  She is strong in her set goal and she is not giving in for Bhallala Deva’s sarcasm and is looking forward to get even for her husband Amarendra Bahubali’s death !  In the Conclusion part she also stands by her husband Amarendra Bahubali in the battle field when there is a war between the two brothers.

Bhallala Deva has two reasons to kill Amarendra Bahubali – one is to become the king of Mahishmathi and the other is to own the beautiful Devasena.

Avanthika, a delicate beauty belongs to the rebellious war group whose intention is to rescue Devasena from the clutches of Bhallala Deva.  And her priorities are set clear!

Also let’s not forget Kattappa is faithful to the Kingdom of Mahishmathi and not to individuals so it is the reader’s guess Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali !

Lessons from the Movie’s Founder :-

There were over 2000 technicians working in tandem on the movie from day one along with their division heads namely Saby Cyril; Senthil Kumar; Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, MM Srivalli Keeravani,  Rama Rajamouli, Prashanti Tipirneni, Vincent Tabaillion, Peter Hein to name a few. Everyone shouldered the responsibility with great passion and believed in the conviction of Rajamouli and wanted to give a world class product to the audience.  He has acknowledged each and every team members work on the sets and off the sets.

Rajamouli is a very humble person, even with the success of Makkhi and Bahubali-The Beginning, he continues to be a down to earth person even without an air of arrogance and his team respects him for that.

A successful venture can happen when you have the right team who believes to make the venture success and you treat your team with respect, giving value to each and every team member’s work. Be the first one to recognize good work and acknowledge the person. Never get arrogant because your product has become successful.  Always be grounded as times would not be same

Lessons from the Movie Characters :-

There is a lot to learn from Sivagami – she is an upfront person who believes in being righteous to the citizens and the kingdom.  She is a true leader.  A true leader of a venture has to be virtuous to the venture, in-house team and to the customers.  Always recognize a true leader to lead the team and the product.  Sivagami does every bit to save Mahashmati and the future heir of Mahashmati!  Whatever happens, never give up your dream and your venture.  There would be difficult times but do every bit to save the venture.

Amarendra Bahubali is a true leader and warrior who believes in standing by his states citizens.  Always stand by your team and lead them in the right direction.

Never be a Bhallala Deva!  Be ambitious but not conniving.  To be in power, do not let down others.  Win people righteously as they will see your abilities and bring you to power by their adulation.

The entire team are public figures and they have conducted themselves with lot of dignity.  This is a big take away for every individual.

The most awaited movie is to hit the screens in a day’s time!  Fans for sure will not be disappointed.

Even before the release of the movie, the adulation from the world wide fans just does not seem to simmer down.

The excitement and looking forward to April 28 to watch the movie has reached a Crescendo ! The audiences are reeling under an adrenaline rush !

The Passion, Vision  and Strong Conviction of Rajamouli is evident in the final product Bahubali.  The Final Product given by Rajamouli reflects his dedication !  He is The Game Changer in terms of film making in India !   Rajamouli has broken the Glass Ceiling and has made the Indian Film Makers to think big. In other words – he is the Trendsetter to make movies for the world wide audience.  

The Start Up Founders have to have the same conviction, passion and vision for their ventures.  Let the Customers run for your Product or Service [ just like audiences are looking forward to watching the Bahubali movie ]; you do not run behind the Customers!  You build A Great Product, Customers will come to you!

Just like A Movie is an art; your Venture is an art of which you are the Creator, do not hold it back, give it the best!

Author: Sunitha Bharadwaj (Advisor to Start-Ups)

Sunitha advises entrepreneurs with a great idea by fine tuning their product and service line and help them in their Business, Brand, and Marketing, Operations and Client Relations strategies.

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