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Ideas and discussion are a staple diet at Coffee Conversations.

In the latest edition of Coffee Conversations, SOS representatives help participants discuss the issue of finding the right CTO

By Team SOS

Coffee Conversations are back, almost exactly after a year — this time, with more power to the concept. It’s now in the City of Gardens, where tech saplings sprout every day.

Mr. Shridhar Bhagwat, our Founding Partner, and Mr Biju Seth, our Digital Consultant, anchored the show. The day was beautiful as the sun took the weekend off. With joyous sprinkles of rain adding to the ambience, at the Coffee Day Lounge, a regular meeting point of Startups, we could hear the cacophony of youngsters and focused discussions of people who meant business.

The stage was set for a discussion. As the rain abated a bit, some entrepreneurs walked in.  After exchange of pleasantries, people went to the coffee counter and bought their coffee. While the cappuccinos and lattes were served, the attendance rose to 8. Shridhar inaugurated the conversation and the topic was opened, the entire conversation moved towards only one problem?

It was the obvious, and the most difficult and important problem to solve for startups — finding a tech co-founder, a Chief Technology Officer.

How do we find them? Is a developer a co-founder? Is it worth to give equity just to build a software product?  Or is it prudent to outsource?

And how can a developer become a CTO? What exactly the role entails? We faced a plethora of questions around this single big issue.

The discussion at the last edition of Coffee Conversations was as stimulating as freshly brewed hot coffee.
The discussions at the last edition of Coffee Conversations was as stimulating as freshly brewed hot coffee.

Biju is also looking for a CTO, and acknowledged this issue. Within 30 minutes of discussion, this issue has become a collective problem for the attendees. A CTO had to be hands-on, especially in the budding stage of the start-up, but if the business is completely tech-led, then he has to be the sales guy as well.

Chandrasekhar, Harish and Hemant agreed. In E-commerce, the role of the CTO is bigger than just getting the product out. The line between sales and technology disappears. The CTO should be sensitive to various aspects of customer responses, vendor complaints, and vital statistics of digital marketing and overall, ensure that the product features are up and running — ensure user experience, backend database, business logic all are working in tandem all the time. The CTO becomes a co-visionary and probably a person who is more than equal among the cofounders.

Shridhar put the entire discussion in perspective. The difficulty is in finding the right person who has the tech acumen, at the same time working.

The coffee cups became empty, the rains receded and we dispersed, brimming with bright new ideas for the participants to mull on.

The Coffee Conversations are well and truly back. Watch this space for the next edition and a chance of discussing issues with like-minded individuals, of solving problems. Yes, Coffee Conversions are back!

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