Let’s Reverse it — This Time with ‘Reverse Pitch!

By Team SOS

It’s easier to think for a startup to get funding! But getting the financial backing is a different matter altogether. There are many a slip between the cup and the lip.

Many startups don’t know whom to approach, where to approach and how to make the pitch. Moreover, they have no idea what is the investor looking for? What are his criteria for funding? Is the Angel investor, VC or incubator the right one to approach?

Entrepreneur meets are dime a dozen but there are not many attempts to tackle the problem from the investors’ perspective.

So, here comes Reverse Pitch, a unique approach that turns the tables on entrepreneurs!

At the Reverse Pitch, it is the investors who will inform the entrepreneurs about their work, their criteria for selecting projects and the best way to conclude deals with them.

The Reverse Pitch agenda
The Reverse Pitch agenda

It will be organized at The Workloft, Der Deutsche Park, Adjacent to Nahur Railway Station, Subhash Nagar Road, and Bhandup (West), Mumbai on June 4, 2016.

Representatives from funds will explain their focus, as well as answer questions from the audience. The startups attending the Reverse Pitch will be curated by TheMentorpreneurs, to help investors get quality audience looking for funding.

There will be discussions on subjects like: customer centric approach to building sustainable business, how to perfect a pitch for Angel investment besides Reverse Pitch by investors.

Registration for Reverse Pitch will be done on June 4 between 9.30 am and 10 am at the venue. But you can also book your seat at https://in.explara.com/e/reversepitch.

So what are you waiting for!

If you think you have a perfect startup, here is your chance to help it grow by getting funding.



It’s a unique approach

To clear your doubts about the event and to let you know more about its organizers, Stars of Startups got in touch with Shraddha Patil, co-founder and chief mentor at TheMentorpreneurs for an insight into their unique approach at mentoring startups: Excerpts:

Please tell something about TheMentorpreneurs and its approach towards mentoring startups?
TheMentorpreneurs (TMP) is a global platform aggregating the startups to catapult growth and thereby ensuring collaboration in the startup ecosystem. Our objective is to bring together the entire ecosystem under one roof so as to add value to the community at large. TheMentorpreneurs is a complete collaborative platform to connect startup entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists looking for the right mentoring and guidance in various areas ranging from business idea validation, validating the concept, GTM strategy, getting them fund-ready to name a few thus enable them and handhold them in realizing their dreams of changing the world. For more details about our work, kindly visit www.thementorpreneurs.com.

What else do you do besides organizing such events?
TheMentorpreneurs also runs TheMentorpreneurs Clinics in Mumbai at multiple locations. We have mentors at these locations on specific days and time. The startups have to book a ½ hour slot with the mentor for a one-on-one interaction.

What is the idea behind Reverse Pitch, this attempt at tackling things from the investors’ side and not the other way around as it is usually done?
The Reverse Pitch is an attempt to educate the startups and when, how and which investors to approach for funding.

Do you think the current scenario is the reason behind this change of approach?
No. But with the investor community growing in India, it is important for startups to understand the investors better.

Have you organized Reverse Pitch events earlier too or is this your first attempt?
This is our first attempt. This is a part of TheMentorpreneurs’ Nurture Series where we educate startups on various areas. In the past as a part of this series we have done events like ‘Decoding the Term Sheet’, Story Telling for Founders, Is Your Startup Investor ready.

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