Bad news – It’s a brand, not a mere startup

As a founder,won't you rather it be a brand, than a mere startup?

So you wanna start up or have already.

As a founder,won’t you rather it be a brand, than a mere startup?

That’s cool. So, what next? Yes, you need to get behind the product/service up and running, hire people, plan infrastructure, run behind potential clients, plan strategy, meet the angels and the demons. Yes, all of that. But a vital question need be asked before all of this. What are you doing all this for? To run a business? Or to create a unique/improved product/service brand, in the niche/mass market pie you’re aspiring for. Not much thought required, you know. Either this or that.

If you answered with the first, please do move on. Go run a business. No offence meant, but that’s the way it is. In the brand game, you’re either in or out. No in-between.


Want the bad news first? Yes, you had already guessed it. It’s an investment, this brand business. Apart from the monthly overheads that your startup might look to gobble up, you might want to add the costs of working with a Brand Communication set up as part of your financial outlay.

Having said that, the good news is that you will be starting to work on a brand, rather than a business. Now, we need to define as to what exactly constitutes a brand. Beg to differ, but a brand isn’t only something that is only advertised on TV and newspapers. There are a lot of things that go into making a brand, not just advertising and creative communication, though that is one dynamic variable that charts your course from a business to being a brand.

Look at it this way. You thought that it was a product/service/app idea that you were to get into the market. No. Think again. It is a brand idea that you have just cracked. It might not be targeted at a mass market, but the way your brand idea translates into an identity is pretty crucial. Beginning with a customer benefit/aspiration-centrist name to the brand identity to the web site to the feedback forms to the regular day-to-day communication, your brand is saying something to the market – be it customers, vendors, employees and other associates 24×7 (regret the cliche). Won’t you rather it be a brand, than a mere startup?

  – Ram Manohar ram

Ram Manohar is a Brand Communications Consultant and works closely with start ups. He believes ideas are metaphorical sparks that can either kick your business engine to life, or misfire. Spark Plug intends to traverse that thin line.

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