Some women led startups get funding: Some hope as the year wraps up


The year 2016 not being an extraordinary one for startups, however turned out not to be so bad for women entrepreneurs. 29 women-led companies feature on the list of 2016’s 822 pre-Series A rounds. In terms of numbers, this shows that three percent of funding went to solo women founders while 117 companies that have women co-founders comprised 14 percent of startups that got funded this year. According to a survey rolled out in April this year by Kstart and published by YourStory (a total of 505 respondents, 90 percent of them women) on the state of women’s entrepreneurship in India, the key discoveries were that among the challenges women entrepreneurs face, the primary one is lack of investor confidence, followed by gender bias.

However, beating these odds were startups who made it big:

  • Aditi Chadha: DAZL
  • Akanksha Hazari: m.Paani
  • Ankita Puri, Sunita Maheshwari: HealthEminds
  • Apeksha Jain: The Gourmet Jar
  • Arpita Ganesh: Buttercups
  • Arshya Lakshman: Milofy
  • Avneet Makkar, Saraswathy A: CarveNiche
  • Falguni Nayar: Nykaa
  • Himanshi Goyal: Wired Hub
  • Kanika Subbiah: Wedding Wishlist

There are several others who have made it to the mark too. Wishing them all the success in 2017.

— Team SoS

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