Why Women Entrepreneurs is NOT your regular cliche

Even as we hear the word “Women Entrepreneurs”, somehow people fail to take a serious note on it. Oddly enough half of the country’s population is women and yet we fail to leave a mark in the economic sectors. Women in India have been identified to be contributing to the lower income sectors such as agriculture and taking care of households. This despite of the factors such as education, good income class families and non-conservative environment in families. It has been identified that 72% were engaged in agriculture, 21.7% in other non-agricultural pursuits with only 6.3% in household industries.

Even as we say that this trend is slowly changing and many women are trying to break the glass ceiling, there are still several challenges that need to be dealt with and these reasons are not mere excuses. Mainstream organisations have several reservations while hiring women. Women especially find it tough to go back to full time jobs after having the terrifying career breaks. So the next sensible choice becomes owning some kind of business that gives them the freedom to do what they love doing and also to be financially independent.

What is stopping women entrepreneurs?

  • No support system: While few families encourage women to go and make the most of the business opportunities, some families look down upon the idea. The thought process that women neglect the households while pursuing their career becomes a barrier.
  • No finance: Funding is the next challenge. While there are schemes meant for women, financial institutions still hesitate to fund women especially when they don’t have a stable backing to go with it.
  • No motivation: Women themselves lack the confidence that they can go ahead and actually sustain in the entrepreneurial scenario. The perception that we are meant to take care of the household alone must be eliminated in the first place.
  • Not taken seriously: Even though women entrepreneurs have the will the problem is many public and private institutions do not take them seriously unless they are highly qualified or have a strong family support.
  • Inadequate training: One of the reasons many women startups fail to sustain in the industry is the reason that they lack the aptitude to run the business. Even though the ideas might be great to implement the inability to deal with the practical issues and the unawareness leads to failures.

It is accepted that marking our distinction in the patriarchal society is not as easy as it seems. Sustaining in it with the given amount of pressure from various streams is the challenge. However, there are women who are making it a possibility and that needs to be acknowledged.

— First published here on The Purple Ink.

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