Women entrepreneurs who have made it big!


Gone are the days when women were spending all their lives in the kitchen and taking the subordinate roles in the family and in the society. Now they are spearheading the growth of our society in every aspect you can think of.  If you closely observe these startups it is all based on the needs which all of us experience in daily lives which have been addressed.


Culture Alley provides audio-visual lessons to help its users to learn the language at the comfort of their homes. In real time, it can be personalized based on the needs and can be accessed even while browsing Facebook or Twitter.

Pranshu Bhandari from NMIMS, along with Nishant Patni and six others founded this in December 2012. It has received funding from Angel Investors in three rounds of funding. The startup has a user base of over 400 thousand users in 220 countries, around the globe.

The need to learn new languages based on the job or for choice has been addressed here.  Well, numbers in the user base talk for itself which is now bridging them by addressing the barriers of language.


Sheroes is on the mission of empowering women. It helps women to find a suitable job. There is an option for work from jobs for women and also helps women find suitable resources and mentors.

It also conducts community meets, job fairs and special workshops and programs as well as coaching, mentoring and community resources to help women professionals.

It was founded in 2014 by Sairee Chahal and co-founded by Fleximoms, a platform for flexible jobs for professionals returning after a break.


EasyFix is taking maintenance and repair services in India by storm. It is an attempt to regularize the repair and maintenance market which is quite cluttered and unprofessional.

Shaifali Agarwal Holani is the founder of EasyFix who has found the backing of investors who have can see the current state of the home repair services sector.


Limeroad, a fashion discovery portal, provides the latest range of products and accessories, most of which are unique to their portal. It has product listing of over 200,000 products.

Founded by Suchi Mukherjee in 2012, the company has been funded by Lightspeed venture partners.


A crowdfunded initiative founded in 2012 by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul is addressing a most taboo topic of women that is menstruation. It provides a resourceful guide about menstruation which helps women to be healthy and active during their menstruation period. This is in fact used in many schools to educate girls about themselves.

Now, women are no more waiting in the sidelines but taking it into their own hands to create an identity and also for the betterment of the society.  This certainly has been recognized and government of India has lauded their efforts and extended its hand towards them in the recent times with clear call for women entrepreneurs.

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