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A website is a reflection of the business in the online world. With the fast growing online technology, and the dependency of the customers’ businesses feel the urge to have a virtual presence. If you’re looking to get a website on your own with your own creative ideas, Weebly is the best option to rely on. It is one of the easiest and quickest website building tools where one doesn’t need to have any technical skills.

Why choose Weebly?

  • The easy drag and drop options: the user can add text boxes, videos, maps and whatever else is required for the website based on the needs of the business. With so many tools one can create very attractive websites which can help the business to thrive and expand. It also has the option to insert external links and also link to other pages within the website. This will make the website more SEO friendly.
  • Plenty of themes to choose from: every business is unique. Some of them need to look formal while others might have to look quirky and creative. Weebly offers a wide range of themes to choose from. It provides the user to select the template based on the nature of the business.
  • Mobile friendly: this is one of the prominent reasons why one must choose Weebly. Nowadays almost every other internet user utilises the mobile phones and related apps for convenient transactions. The websites are automatically customised to suit desktops and phones accordingly. This will help the business to tap a larger audience and is also considered to be a good SEO practice.
  • Provides statistics: it also offers tools that will help the user track the performance of the website. This will help the user to understand where the business is standing in terms of online presence. Given the fact that tracking the status of the website regularly has become an important practice, this option proves to be valuable.

What’s not good about it?

  • It is more suitable for small and medium business: the Weebly templates and tools do not support websites that have an extensive store to portray online. User has to pay more if they want advanced options. It lacks undo option just like the SiteMaker tool and also has very less options for photo editions.
  • Limited number of templates: the website builder has a good number of basic templates but still lacks an extensive range of designer templates as compared to other portals. The website templates also do not have the option of newsletter which is currently a very much required feature for all the businesses.
  • Pricing issues: even though the basic website can be created for free the custom domains are quite expensive as compared with the other website builders. With more number of businesses willing to have custom domains, this seems to be a considerable disadvantage.

All in all, it can be seen that there are more number of positive points to choose Weebly. It is one of the easiest website builders that can help businesses to be found online.

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