Utilizing the power of Social Media for your startup


Encountering new things every day is the set norm for any new entrepreneur. As there will be a multitude of things to be done and you are Jack donning multiple hats at the same time. In today’s business world connections or network of people are as much important as your services or product. As they co-exist. Business needs the connections for survival. Here is the point where in Social Media comes into the picture. Initially LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ were like new platforms to be explored and to display information and get in touch with people. Now it has grown further wherein you can reach out to people about various other options available similar to advertising your services.  Well, the question that arises right now are these platforms relevant to your business?

Using Social Platforms

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all varied and can be used to connect in different ways. LinkedIn is a professional platform wherein you can connect with your peer group, prospective customers, and industry people.  This gives you an opportunity to bring in your expertise in business directly onto the table. Of course, the tone set is professional here.

Whereas Facebook gives you more space to set the tone to conversational and it is less formal. This is a platform wherein you can showcase your services with videos and also by creating good posters and using appropriate content with it. This gives an opportunity to connect directly with the viewer.

Twitter’s tweets are limited to 140 characters. So here you can share the links to your articles are a blog. This also gives you an opportunity to follow the industry leaders as well. This is a platform to communicate by linking, communicating with the relevant tweets to your business.

Apart from connecting with the community of customers Google+ gives you an opportunity to build the brand which will be visible in search results.

Other social media platforms YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, Instagram, Foursquare etc can be used to promote your business based on which works for you.

Content is the Soul of the Social Media

It is only the content which draws customers to your services so the need is to be relevant, creative, focused and compelling posts on a regular basis. In these times, it is considered ‘Knowledge is Information’ So be updated with the information such that they cannot find it anywhere. Information should be crisp and short to the point. The prospective customers are interested in the services enriching their lives. If the posts add value, they certainly are going to follow.

Keeping Content Engaging

Open the channels of conversation by giving a chance to the customer to voice an opinion, offering discounts, freebies, trial accounts etc. It can also be like answering the queries, concerns without delay which shows you to be prompt. There are chatbox options which can be availed too.

Tread Cautiously

The content needs to be a fresh, regular and quick reply to feedbacks and queries is expected. You need to decide how and what approach would suit your business as the options available to too many.

As an entrepreneur you have your hand’s full managing multiple things, taking professional help to manage social media would be a good idea.

There is just not one way of using social media. Innovation is the key. I would like to cite an example of usage of the newspaper cartoon column before the launch of the movie ‘Hum Tum’ which really caught the eye of the reader and raised the curiosity in them. Here the idea of the main character being a cartoonist in a newspaper daily was used which worked really well. At the end of the day, need is to reach people and yes social media is a good platform which can be used in ways which suit you so pave the way and use it to the optimum to grow your business.

— Team SoS

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