Things to know that can kill your career


A career is not a 9 to 5 job doing it daily 5 days a week. A career can be defined as a part of your life that you traverse where in you hone your skills of your choice apart from the remuneration you are earning. It is also a journey which makes you look at yourself very closely and grow in the path. With the varied situations to face every day, loyalty and commitment to the organization are tested quite frequently.

Here let’s see the top reasons which can break your career.

Promise Full Moon but deliver a Crescent Moon

Aiming at the result or the ones who are always ready to take up challenges it is easy to promise to deliver the results. The reason for going ahead might be the excitement for trying to excel in the field or might be to just get the project in hand. Words go a long way in this world, especially in corporate world. It is better to be realistic and to check the waters before taking things to hand rather than to set high expectations and not deliver.

Being Stagnant

At times we get so involved with everyday affairs; we tend to oversee current trends in the market. The need of the hour is to keep updating yourself with the skills every now and then. With the fluctuating situations in the job market, it gives you an edge when it comes to hiring if your resume is updated with current market trends.

Accept the Change

Adapting to circumstances as they come gives you an extra mile with situations rather than to have a fear to accept the changes. Things are changing too fast these days. It is better to go with the change rather than resisting it. So Adaptability is the key.

Rewards and Appreciation

When you climb every step of success you are bound to receive rewards and appreciation. It does a lot to your self-esteem which in turn motivates you to do better next time. The other side of it is, it can also make you get carried away by it. When you get carried away by your success, it clouds your vision which can result in your failure at a later stage.


Work day does not go smooth everyday neither are we in the same mind set every day. It is better to be cautious about getting into accusation mode with anyone when you are down. Negativity spreads like fire, hence needs to be extra careful.

Professionalism at Work Place

Work Place decorum has reported to the higher ups and feedbacks to the people reporting to you. In both the cases, the feedbacks have to be observations or facts about the work rather than labeling or accusing the individuals. It is just a feedback, giving areas for improvement.

Being ‘Yes Boss’ person

Being a ‘Yes Boss’ person might get your boss on your side but still, it is better to allow the work to speak for you rather than just going along with your boss. It is always safer to think pros and cons before any agreement though it is your boss. Work speaks louder and for itself, it does not need anything extra.

Politics at Work Place

Work relationships take time to build. It takes very few rumors, taking sides and undermining the fellow workers to spoil the environment. The cooperation and mutual trust and understanding in the team will be lost. It is better to have a straight talk and settle the matters rather than these strategies.

A lot of time and effort is spent in starting and building a career. All it needs to sustain is to be aware of the need of the hour and act in favor of yourself and also the organization.

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