Ten tips: How to increase online sales?

Given the digital dependency, online presence and online sales have become crucial aspects for any business. We all know that there is a huge market potential that can be tapped online. This with the reason that almost every average user spends about 2 hours on the smartphone and about 50% of them buy products online. As per a report submitted by PWC 34% agree that their mobile phone will become their main purchase tool and 67% say that either reading or writing social media reviews and comments influences their online shopping behaviour. Here are some pointers that might help you boost your online sales:

  1. A good website: When the user visits your website the ease of use is what comes in as a priority. The visitors must be able to sail through the pages without any glitches and the website must be quick enough not to lose the attention of the visitor. This might further lead to potential customers being interested in your business.
  2. No substitute for customer’s trust: Apparently if your business has to do well in the long term it needs to build customer loyalty that will last. Though it might take a while initially but this will bring a sustainable profitability in the long term.
  3. Be clear: What you communicate to your customers must be precise. This will help them trust your business and go ahead with any further transaction in the near future. Whether it is offers, deals or discounts, when you speak about them, it must be clear and to the point without any hidden or unexpected clauses.
  4. Target and focus: In the end it is all about online selling. The essence of business is to find the right customer and provide them with products that they are looking for, at better prices. Defining your target customer is one of the preliminary tasks. But also ensure that your definition of the target market is in sync with the changing market trends.
  5. Sales funnel: Also known as the revenue funnel refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. Defining this will give your business the clarity it needs to create a sales model.
  6. It’s all about SEO: Being one of the key elements of your online presence, a right SEO strategy is always the need of the hour. It helps in rationalising your digital marketing and connect better with the customers. This always boosts sales.
  7. Optimisation: You have to ensure that your website is accessible and fits all devices fluidly. If this is not the scenario then you are at the risk a lot of losing potential customers. It encourages customers who use different devices to take a look at your portal and in turn will be interested in cracking a transaction.
  8. Upselling: Upgrades are important and customers understand this. However, at times the customer might not be aware of this and has to be informed adequately. You can inform the customer and sell the product with the upgrade or sell them separately. Either ways, keeping them informed is good which will help you upsell later.
  9. Cross-selling: This essentially is a bundle of options from which the customer can choose based on the need and convenience. The chances of a customer buying many useful products in one go is always higher and can be used as an opportunity.
  10. What’s popular: There will always be a set of products that are trending in your customers’ wishlist and you can make the most of this trend. Make a note of all the top selling products and market them efficiently on your website. This will increase the sales in turn.

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