Strategies for creating a sustainable startup!


Anything big cannot be achieved by a single person, you need a bunch of crazy, talented people who can dream with you and toil day in day out to make it true. When you have nothing to sell but just an idea, venture capitalists invest on the strength of the team which is behind it. In short, it is the team of people who are given more score than the idea itself. So let’s have a look at the strategies which can be used to build a winning start-up team.

Unity in Diversity

The basic need for any startup is the team of people who can work together and support each other despite different backgrounds and culture. It is rather a requirement for a startup’s launch and its survival.

Lead by Example

There is a need for a startup CEO/entrepreneur to build the trust and have the team together to lean and learn together.  It is this trust which you have to exhibit to get the team to trust and follow you. As it is the well-said team is the mirror reflection of what you are so your attitude and behavior are going to reflect in their attitude and their behavior.


Success is not the path to be traveled alone. So keep the doors open so you can be approached with new ideas and different ways to do things. When the need arises to step back and encourage them by handing the reins to them instead of micromanagement. These self-motivated who have the fire in the belly are the ones who can add value to your team.

Bonding among the team

It has been proved again and again that there needs to be a sense of belonging amongst the team. It is quite a conventional way to build a bridge across the unseen barriers. Successful team building occurs when team activities such as sports outings, fun trips, and shared meals or drinks.

Keeping meetings short

Meetings cannot be completely avoided. Check if the subject can be handled with just a mail or chat. If the answer is yes, then go for it. Brainstorming sessions are a must in any start-up hub. There can be impromptu meetings for 15 minutes regularly may be daily or weekly.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

OKR is a process where in objectives are set and results are measured. This process has been successfully implemented in Google, Zynga, Square to name a few.

It is a process where in small goals are set and results are measured on a scale of 0 to 1.0. It encourages every individual to set a goal and also measure their accountability.

In short, Team is the soul of any start-up. It has been seen the disintegration of the team is one of the reasons for the failure of startups. Team members walking out of the team due to misunderstandings is a common factor. So the emphasis is on having a strong, understanding team to dream and to work harder and ready to slog for an extra mile is very much looked for in current start-ups.

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