How to stop procrastinating and achieve your goals?


Everybody likes to achieve and be successful in life. We all have a universal need to be seen and heard in our society. But not all of us reach there. Something in us stops us work towards the goals set. We just find and adapt delaying tactics or procrastinate which puts us off from the path.

Firstly, one should be aware of the need for setting a goal. Next comes finding the path to be taken to achieve the goal. Being aware of what is stopping us from working towards the goal is a crucial break.

Below listed are few excuses which stop us from taking the decision at the right time.

  • Fear of failure/Change/Rejection
  • Lack of confidence in the Idea
  • Anxiety
  • How, Where and When to start
  • Unable to take timely decision
  • Monetary Arrangements
  • Priorities at the moment Family/Job

Sound familiar, don’t they? All of us get these questions once we set out to do something new which is not tried before. In no time we are engulfed in a vicious circle of excuses due to which we hesitate to take decisions and time flies by.

Overcoming Procrastination

There is always first time to everything. One is bound to have the fear of failure and feel anxious as they step out from their comfort zone.

Take a sheet of paper and write down all the excuses that come to you until they exhaust. Now spend time with each excuse written and reflect. You will find many of them getting deleted from the list. Now you will be left with just list of tasks to be done to achieve the goal.

  • List of tasks to be done

Write down the heading for ‘How’ followed by the list of options available. Similarly for ‘

Where’ and ‘When’

  • Set the time frame

Set the time for yourself to validate every option written above and drilling down to one thing which can be implemented

  • How to tackle when excuse creeps up again

Be aware. Take a deep breath. Reading the tasks which are so detailed which have been accomplished makes you feel they can certainly be done

  • Find a partner

We human beings thrive on co-operation. So it is good to find a friend/partner/buddy to talk to who is treading the path as you are. It helps to handle your excuses, thereby boosting your confidence. It also reduces the anxiety and a calm mind can be more productive

So it is time for action. Stop procrastinating.  As you go from task to task and achieve small goals makes you more confident and makes you gain momentum to achieve your goal.

— Team SoS

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