Startups and Honeymoon: What’s the correlation?


The bubble of enthusiasm and excitement when starting on your own cannot be put in words but just to be experienced. Start Up name itself indicates there are going to be ups and downs. Along with it comes series of introspecting questions ‘Am I taking the right decision now?’, ‘Will this work?’, ‘Should I try the one I have tried before?’ Enthusiasm bubble brings along with it a responsibility of making decisions or conscious choices. You certainly have come a long way from having an ‘IDEA’ to setting a ‘Start Up’. This is the enjoyable period which can be called as a honeymoon period but at the same time, it can be quite destructive too if you go through it blindfolded.

It does not matter who has started this business whether a student or a housewife or a person who has quit his corporate job. Once you are in, you are bound to wear multiple hats executing the different roles such as architect, developer, marketing manager and also graphic designer as the time demands.

Don’t Do Tips 

  1. Do not meet everyone who wants to hear about your company or IDEA.
  2. Do not sign any agreements or contracts on the spot. Take time to read it thoroughly and to take consult legal experts too.
  3. Do not agree to do business unless you are 100 % sure. Trust your instincts.
  4. Do not entertain clients to market your IDEA or Company.

To Do Tips 

  1. When looking for clients, spend time on the research and approach the ones whom you think would benefit from your IDEA
  2. Time is Money and Money is Time. So invest on selected clients for selling your IDEA.
  3. On the economic front at the Start Up, keep things to bare essentials. Set the priority on office requirements such as space, staff, electronics, servers, PC’s and invests in them as per the need.
  4. Trust your gut feeling. Do have the courage to walk away if you don’t feel right in any situation.

Mistakes do happen in business. There will be failures too. Extra effort has to be taken to make sure they do not destroy you or your business.  If you want to succeed in business keep the belief, passion, and persistence alive in you then you can walk the extra mile and work harder to reach your goal. So don’t be blindfolded, enjoy the honeymoon period but don’t get carried away. Tread cautiously and enjoy the process of working hard you surely will be rewarded with success.

 — Team SoS

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