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Karnataka Government To Fight Traffic and Water Scarcity Woes with Help of Tech Startups and Innovators

Startups to solve Traffic and Water Woes in Bengaluru

Bengaluru which was nicknamed as pensioner’s paradise till 80’s has changed drastically since the IT stepped into the city. In these 3 decades, the city has undergone a lot of changes which has resulted in traffic congestions, long signal time and also the scarcity of water due to rapid growth in the city.

Taking Startup India initiative further Priyank Kharge the IT, BT & Tourism Minister has announced ‘Grand Challenge five and six’

This is a platform created for getting innovative solutions that can be applied to solve traffic and water woes in the city.

The innovative solutions that are looked are last mile connectivity, real-time info on public transport, ease of transition from one mode of transport to the other and innovative parking solutions. As per the minister’s words, the solution is not expected to be from an innovative idea but a collection of innovations put together to address the ever changing needs of the rapidly growing city. ‘Grand Challenge Call Five’ is for the traffic woes.

Grand Challenge Call Six is for finding solutions to solve the water scarcity which is not only in Bengaluru but all over the state. ‘Call Six’ is to generate the real time data on quality and quantity of water being utilized at the individual level but also for the agriculture for predicting water crisis. With the depletion of ground water levels, water might next be the new oil. So ‘Call Six’ is looking for data generation, development of sustainable, feasible, scalable, and low maintenance kits/mobile apps/sensors/technology for monitoring water quality and quantity thus help to reduce the consumption at individual and industry levels.

Who Are Eligible to Participate?

All are welcome, from any path of life in India from individuals/Agriculturists/Researchers/College faculty/Universities/Government institutions/NGO can apply for the Grand Challenge

The selection will be based on the feasibility, sustainability, accessibility, and novelty of the idea along with the execution capacity.

On selection, they get the opportunity to go through prototyping, testing and what more becoming an entrepreneur in Bengaluru. There will be 2 phases for the selected prototypes to go on the floor. Phase I will be 6 months duration 5 innovators will be selected for testing the proposed solution with funding up to $15,600. The innovators are expected to demonstrate three functional prototypes to demonstrate the solution for at least 10 users in two locations in Karnataka.

Phase II one innovator is selected amongst the 5 and will be funded with $78 K for a period of 12 months to scale up. The idea is further tested for stability, robustness, scalability and also for the sustainable revenue model. User validation will also be considered.

According to an official statement from the Government, the project will not only be funded but work along with them by providing mentors, resources, and network.

With 100 innovative startups selected in ELEVATE100 finale recently, and now with the Grand Challenge for everyday issues of Bengaluru Karnataka Government is taking long strides with Startup initiative. Interested candidates can apply to the Grand Challenge Five and Six till 15th of October.

Well, this is a unique opportunity given one and all in Bengaluru who come across these issues on daily basis. Either we turn a blind eye or crib about the state of things or can come up with their ideas to solve the crisis at the same time grabbing the opportunity to become an entrepreneur too.

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