Startup as a coin with two sides

Startups the word itself evokes a feeling of excitement, thrill, and challenge and creeps in the thought of trying it first-hand. Well, with booming Startups in India, the push being given to the Indian Government, Investors, Mentors has created a welcome environment for anyone who would like to try new things.  The scenario is quite a welcome change wherein an opportunity is given to everyone to dream big to make it happen by extending the helping hand in monetary terms and guidance too.

Considering Startup as a coin, let’s take a peek into the two sides of it here a greener side and darker side too.

Greener side

Gains to the Society:

  • Creation of Jobs

This generation does not have to look out for jobs but can create jobs for themselves and others. The mindset being created is to be lauded. The Society is slowly moving towards being self-reliance. This can be considered as adapting to changing times.

  • Generation of Economy

The economy generation in any kind is welcome as it is not just the individual or the company or a few who benefit but it is the society in itself.

  • A step towards Self Sufficiency

Gone are the days where in people working in State or Central Government were looked upon.  With the changing times, society is ready to embrace the change and let go the need of ‘Security’ in the government jobs to work for them.

  • Reduction in Brain Drain

With IT boom, people migrated in large numbers to the shores which offered them the opportunity with better package/work culture and life style. With the same available at home, they are taking the first steps to try their hands out here.

  • Bridging the gap in the Society

With the apps and startups working in Medical and Educational fields are giving the equal opportunities to lower strata of the society. The purpose behind these start-ups is to be appreciated. There are startups which have created apps for learning languages, preparing for the competitive exams, labs collecting samples and giving consultations irrespective of the location. The intention of providing the opportunity to the people who would like to explore in the fields of their choice itself is a big change.

Darker Side

Too easy for the youth

The Colleges and Government are taking the initiative further to the students. There are exposed to the culture of startups. There are seminars arranged and conducted by the ones who have succeeded in their journey of Startups. The message that is being passed to them is ‘You have an IDEA; We assist you with everything else to be successful’. But is that it? Is it sufficient to become an entrepreneur?

With all the assistance, awareness is required about what the journey is like. It is still you who will be calling the shots day in and day out. It is more about molding and willing to mold to a character that is evolved on going through this process with challenges every day which has its own share of turmoil to face there by making oneself resilient. Success, Name, Fame, and money will come in its due course on evolving successfully from the process.

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