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Do you know, you are spending 40% to 60% of your work time in meetings? Do you know, you are spending 40% to 60% of your work time in meetings? It will be 35% of your work time if you are a middle manager and 50% if you are upper management.
Many meetings are like Snapchat post, people talk and an idea either disappear, no outcome or no follow up or no decision out come of those meetings, therefore, more of the meetings are generally unproductive and not decision making.
More than $37 billion per year is being spent on unproductive meetings and these Unproductive meeting actually wastes collective 15% of organization time.
To solve this problem, we have developed which is a sister company of Agilean Solutions.


Stand-up meetings at which all of your run time discussions in the form of audio will be converted into systematic text (like key points, decisions and action points) and after that converted to mp3
Digitization of the meetings:
– Keep related meetings organized. Log decisions, actions and key points in real time for each agenda and meeting. It will increase success criteria of Projects
Instantly Share Meeting Minutes:
– No more post admin work after meeting! Real-time collaboration and instantly share important meeting minutes like actions and decisions
Assign actions and keep track of progress:
– Assign actions and track. Full transparency and accountability. Automated reminders so time can be spent on other valuable tasks.

Salient features of
Auto Conversion: Auto conversion from audio to text to mp3 : No need to write meeting minutes. All your run time audio discussion will convert to text in a systematic way
Project Wise Meeting: Create your meeting with specific organizations, projects, subprojects, release and sprint and other related work
Customized Meeting Types: Set meeting types like “Coffee Chat – 30 min –  Coffee Day” to customize the duration and location of meetings that Agenda
Time Control on Agenda: Not to run around in meetings. Each agenda has specific time limit to control the discussions
Accountability: It can be difficult keeping track everything you have to do, Assign actions and track. Full transparency and accountability.
Automated Follow Up:
Tired of sending several emails to see if to-dos are getting done?Automated reminders allow users to assign and check off action items
Automatically Track Actions Points:
Easily track what you need to do from your Actions page and don’t worry about reminding others of what they need to do.
Future plans: Going forward, will leverage advanced technologies Artificial Intelligencenatural language understanding to make it 100% automation of standup meetings.

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