Is this a setback to Flipkart or a creation of power center within?


By the look of the events, Flipkart, the e-commerce giant is undergoing an overhaul of changes within the company. Early 2017 saw senior-level exits, including the head of EKart Saikiran Krishnamurthy, senior-vice president of product management Surojit Chatterjee and chief marketing officer  Samardeep Subandh as Kalyan Krishnamurthy took over as CEO. Now it is chief operating office, Nitin Seth, one of the top-ranking executives has put in his papers. Nitin Seth was in charge of logistics unit Ekart along with the corporate functions such as strategy and human resources till recently has resigned citing personal reasons.

Nitin Seth joined the company as chief people officer in March 2016 from Fidelity International. He continued to handle HR after he was promoted to the chief administrative officer and later as a chief operating officer. The additional responsibilities were heading Ekart, a logistics division of the company, customer experience and strategy –to-execution capabilities and corporate functions.

Krishnamurthy’s stint in Flipkart started in May 2013 before which he worked in Tiger Global Management.  He came at the time when Flipkart was in trouble when its losses soared beyond control and sales growth was lower than its co-founders had promised investors.

Key teams such as category design management which Krishnamurthy headed before becoming CEO, private labels, customer shopping and marketing continue to report to him directly. The engineering team headed by Ravi Garikapati also reports to Krishnamurthy.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy became CEO from January 2017. Since then he has taken over the human resource department of the company.  All key portfolios, the HR department, and finance are under his overview with CFO Sriram Venkataraman directly reporting to him

In a matter of 3 years, Krishnamurthy has donned the hat of finance chief and then as sales head and has helped end Flipkart’s crisis and restore confidence in the company that it could hold its own against Amazon.

What remains to be seen is how Krishnamurthy is going to spearhead it from here.

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