How to select the right Co-founder for your Startup?


As the Startup idea is finalized and decision is taken to go on the floor one is faced with questions of funds, operation and to manage the startup. At that time may be one has to take a call on taking another person as co-founder.

Prerequisites for the Co-founder for Startup

Co-founder can be called as a person who is companion in the journey of Startup where both have the same vision and rough path ahead. Initially requirement in the startup is for the one who can take the ownership for the product and the other to take over the marketing aspect of the product. Selection should be the one complementing you.

Moral Values

Startups need individuals with intellect, energy and integrity. As it takes lot from people to face challenges day to day and not give up and to succeed against all odds.

Team Work

Vision can be from one person but one person cannot make the vision a reality. As there is a saying ‘If one wants to walk fast walk alone, if one wants to go far walk together’. Co-founder is a man willing to work as a business head, technical manager and also as mentor, manager and colleague amongst the team.

Persistence/Keep Trying

Realization of the vision may take time. Ups and downs are part and parcel of the startup. Key is to be a quick learner from the past mistakes and surge ahead and to never stop trying. To keep one’s morale up and also can boost the morale of everybody around to keep trying.


There will be times when one has to take decisions which might be bit risky for oneself and also for the company. Owning up for the decisions taken, Co-founder sees that as an opportunity rather than risks. Considering these opportunities as milestones for growth as success crowns the one who is ready to go the extra mile to surge ahead.

Dedication for Perfection

To be dedicated for long durations of time to get the product right needs a lot of energy, stamina and motivation which only a self-motivated person can do.

Should be the mirror

Co-founder should not be a ‘Yes Boss’ person but a person who can tell the truth and facts without holding back. Should be open to question and also be questioned. One should be open to the feedback and take constructive decisions.

Keen to Learn

The world is changing at a fast pace today, what works today might not work tomorrow. One should be open all new things arriving whether it is technology or the market in short to changing trends.

To wear multiple hats at the same time

Startups cannot afford to have the personnel for all the different roles in the company at all time. He or She should be able to do any work that is required at any point of time to keep the wheels rolling in the startup.

Startups can succeed only with the dedication, effort, persistence and tolerance of the founders who can lead from the front but willing to step back and take everyone in the team with them towards the realization of the vision.

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