Role of Communication in Employee Relationship


The communication is an exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs. From ages,  humankind has been communicating about our needs and feelings which are an integral part of our existence. But question is, are we communicating effectively? With boundaries shrinking and globe-trotting becoming a routine in life communication takes priority in both our personal and professional lives as we are dealing with people from different culture, background and languages.

It plays a pivotal role in professional life as it can either make or break the relationship in the workplace. Let’s talk about how communication can be made effective at a workplace

Maintain Transparency:

There is no room for assumptions or stories. Quit mind reading and give up the notion of know all belief.

  • be clear with what message you would like to convey
  • keep to the facts
  • Use common language and put across in simple way
  • The opposite person should be able to view the picture as you are seeing

Set Clear Expectations

Delivering the fact is part of communication. But is that it? Is it just Knowledge Transfer of something is expected of them. Please be very clear of what role they are suppose to play. Also set the expectations or goals for them such that there is no room for confusion for them to approach their work.

Stick to your word

Stick to what you have told earlier unless it is work related which might change as per the circumstances. Be honest and present the data as it was or is. At times truth is harsh it is better than to just mince or backing out from what was said or done earlier. This gives an impression of you being reliable which goes a long way in any relationship.


This really is a big word but one which goes a long way. You have to be utterly careful when you are talking. Think before the talk is the norm. Never be in a hurry to reply to gain score.  There are going to be trying times, keep a check and maintain calm so that there is no usage of foul language.  Any human being would not like to feel demeaned at a workplace.

Written Communication

In the case of verbal communication, always follow it up with e-mails. It is better to keep records of topics discussed, observations derived and decisions made. Mark a copy to people who are related. Writing e-mails have become an art now as it contains details of every idea and opinion that were discussed and hence ruling out any room for confusion.

Communication becomes even more important when you need to acknowledge or appreciate the efforts of your team members. A ‘thumbs-up’ and ‘Good Job’ will motivate them to work harder.  At the end of the day, we humans are always looking for acceptance from people around us. These times of praise just elevates the feeling thus making one feel important.

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