The rise of media and the hullabaloo!

In the good old days media was restricted to fewer mediums such as newspapers or word of mouth communication. The advent of technology turned that into a revolution with television, radio and computer. Of course the whole phenomenon moved to the next notch with the availability of social media platforms. And now, without even realising, media has become an essential part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. The 24 hours round the day TV channels, smartphones have enabled information to be used and interpreted as one wishes to.

Interestingly, this has also triggered a “loud opinion” culture that is building a rapid momentum especially amidst the youth. In the era where there were lesser media channels, opinions were entitled to few columnists and the debates followed at cafes, restaurants, and homes. This trend has become obsolete and is now ruled by trolls, unnecessary arguments and Google research based opinions. To quote an example, demonetisation was one of the most discussed topics. Suddenly it could be noticed that all of us read few articles online and posted what we felt or thought on social media. This was then debated at length with some counter articles, pointless or not. Really? And from where did the user get the information from? Search engines. Without realising that the search engine itself provides information based on its own set of algorithms and not sheer reasoning.

One wrong Tweet and the whole world can come crashing loaded with statistics, blogs and what not. Shouldn’t we pause? Understand, think and contemplate before having a healthy and an open argument. Isn’t that a better way of approaching? Or why is it even necessary to declare the opinion at every instance. Aren’t these the questions we must be thinking?

As much as information is accessible, application of the same for a good cause makes total sense. Living an online life is the trend that can be captured by businesses. The on-the-go is a convenience that can be used to the possible extent. This doubles with the wide range of mobile apps that are available for almost everything that we need. 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Imagine the potential of business that can be reached. Social Media is also an extremely useful tool. It helps in reaching the right audience without much of an effort. But building the apt strategy and keeping up to it is the challenge.

However, it is only evident that the rise of the media in the past decades has been immense and undeniably exponential. But what we have to see is the way it is analysed and applied. Is it better that we switch back to the basics of going to libraries for information and seek only expert opinions for clarification? Or it is okay to follow the emerging trend that seems shallow? It’s better to realise the value of true information and use it wisely. If not the better option is to shut out.

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