Resume Trends that you need to use right away!


Writing a resume is like chiseling a rock. The sculptor is the person who knows best which part of the miniature needs to be highlighted to convey a message to the audience who are having a look. Similarly, a resume needs to convey the message clearly, concisely and in a crisp way just like chiseling. Having said this, it is important to keep your resume trendy and updated. For this, understanding the latest trends in the market and using them productively is crucial. Hence, here are the top trends that you must be aware of.

Unleash your creativity

In simpler words, ditch the pre-set templates and the formats. Go creative with the way you represent yourself. Be it infographics, graphics or funky text, choose what best suits your role and go for it. Use your social media links and let the recruiters know what your world is made of.

Professional Summary or Statement or Objective

This is the first part of the resume which consists of 3 to 5 sentences highlighting your experience in years and the profile held and conveys the objective set by you for your future. Let this objective be in agreement with the job description for the hiring profile. This power packed objective must reflect what your best quality is and what you expect.

Core Competencies (Skills)

Skills used in your work life to date are listed in this section. This includes technology used and aware of also goes in this section. This will vary from position to position. For example, it will be different from a person with Finance background to the one from the technology. But your core competency is what the recruiters look at closely. Make sure you make a note of all the skills that you have honed through the years and also the ones which are learning.

Professional Experience (Work History)

Work can be done in different companies in different time durations or in the same company in different departments in different positions. A bullet list presentation can be done from latest to first. This needs to be carefully drafted with attention to detail with no errors. Information presented should be correct which reflects the pride in work and adds value to work.

Along with the positions held and key responsibilities of the role, main criterion which attracts the attention of the potential employer would be the accomplishments that you can claim to have achieved in that particular role. A change done by you in a particular position which reaped results will surely be the eye catcher.

At times it is difficult to squeeze in years of work experience to few lines. But it needs to be kept short. Choose the ones which are important and impressive facts and expected as per the job description. You do have an option of adding a link to your LinkedIn Profile where there are more details available.

Potential employers look for the learning ability, adaptability and how quick you are in climbing the ladder in your workplace. So highlight these qualities and your promotions adequately.

Apart from this have content in your resume that is lean and mean (to the point). Keeping the content sensible and apt is key. Also, short work periods are no longer looked as a negative anymore. Build your takeaways from them and let the recruiter know what you learnt from them. Let clarity be key!

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